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To begin, let me open by apologizing for this newsletter being so delayed. There were a number of factors involved in said delay, but we’d like to focus on the fact that we are putting one out now, and we are planning to make this a regular occurrence in the future. So we understand that you are interested in seeing a newsletter from the fleet, and that it is important to you. We’ve heard you, and we’re addressing the issue now. Hopefully this will start a more favorable trend- we’re certainly planning for it.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to Independence Fleet business, shall we:

So some fleet news, the USS Avalon, USS Patriot-B, Alamo Station, and Star Base Prime all have new Captains and are starting to take off. If you’re interested in joining any of these, just visit our main website to look them over and find a position that is right for you amongst their

Beyond that, most of our ships seem to be moving, which is a good thing. Captains, if your crew’s needs are beyond your reach, please reach out to your Task Force Commanders. Should you find yourselves faced with a dilemma be it plot-based, a personal conflict or just a technical question, they are here for you. And the admiralty is here for you as a resource of experience, guidance and practical knowledge, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them. Communication is what makes for a better fleet, and we would like to encourage that between our captains and the admiralty.

Beyond all that, not much else has happened around the fleet, so this will be a short Admiral’s Padd. We’ll be covering a few months worth of awards with this newsletter, so look for your ship or your crew and be sure to congratulate all of the winners. After all, it isn’t a competition, but it is still nice to be recognized for one’s works. And we are all here for the same reason- to create, to explore and to inspire one another.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to our American friends.


All of the Admiralty in Independence Fleet

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Plotting By Sabrina Pandora

Plotting can take a number of different twists and turns, but the perfect sort of plot is the kind that enables all of the writers aboard the ship to take part in the storyline. So let’s take a quick overview of  just how to construct a plot that will be all-inclusive, and ideally inspire your writers to all participate and add something to the story.

Now, too tightly controlled a plot will leave no room for the writers to exert the freedom of their imaginations. But on the other side of that spectrum is the plot that is so loosely and freely structured that the writers are directionless and they don’t know just where to go, what to do and what to write. So we’re aiming for that balance between- but that balance is a wide gulf, and has a lot of room for considerable interpretation.

Let’s look at an example, since that tends to work best in such cases. How about a shore leave plot?

Now if you declare a shore leave plot that is happening on a specific and well known planet- say Earth- then this will likely produce a number of posts. The reason for this is that suddenly the writers are all very confident. Yes, it is the world of the future, but it is a world they know well, and one they feel comfortable writing.  Should you set it on Qo’nos, then some of the writers will still be okay- they understand Klingons, so even if they aren’t necessarily familiar with the geography and the culture, they can still pick an angle to approach and while there may be some grunty honor-spouting NPCs mentioned, some stories will likely come about from the idea.

However, an alien planet whose name you pluck randomly out of the hat might just end up backfiring on you, because suddenly the crew have no idea what this alien planet is all about. Sure, they have the absolute freedom to create it- you gave them a blank canvas and the freedom to scrawl upon it whatever design they might wish to produce. But if there is no structure at all, you might just find yourself hearing the sound of crickets.

Should you have a mystery or a secret to uncover, some will pursue it- tends to be the way of things. But some might mention it and pay a bit of lip service to it, then they might just do a whole lot of nothing with the plot element. What? There’s a machine that reads thoughts and produces whatever you think of wanting, like the classic TOS episode ‘Shore Leave”? Some might go absolutely nuts with such an idea and run so far afield that soon the entire ship is imperiled. Some might take that to mean that they are going to write a personal odyssey of their own characters, having discussions with dead fathers they never got to say goodbye to or they are having high tea with Winston Churchill, getting life advice that is relevant to their current situation or a decision they are facing.

Or some might just think that’s a dumb idea and refuse to participate. Some might be overwhelmed by the open ended nature of the idea and pass on it by simply having no idea what to write to contribute.

As the plotter, it becomes your responsibility to approach the players and to try to motivate them. Touch base. Ask them if they have any ideas, if they want some help constructing the angle their characters might approach this idea. In many cases you may have to write the NPC roles for them to bounce their characters off- after all, this is character-based fiction. And in many cases writers are not comfortable writing detailed backgrounds, scene settings, social aspects of alien societies- what they are good at and what they showed up for was a chance to write their character and them reacting to the landscape and the characters inhabiting it.

So try to bear a few of these points in mind… as well as the fact that a story needs those three magical points- a beginning, a middle and an ending. When plotting be sure that you have some idea of what those three might be, and that you fill your writers in on it. Yes, be flexible, but also be prepared to offer them that structure so they are not just left all alone out there, wondering if they are going right or wrong, and if they are spinning their wheels.

As with any other advice, your mileage may vary…

And how about one of you write a column next month, hmm?
Admirals? Captains? Players? Anyone? Bueller?

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The USS Avalon is currently investigating a sabotage by a crew member. Feel free to join us now,



No Update Posted




put no ship update



put no ship update


Ok Today we are starting out next Mission, in this one we will slowly rebuild Start Base Orion getting the mess cleaned up and
things squared away. Mean wail 2 ships the Uss Raiden and the Uss Excalibur are on the way to assist Captain Ions in his mission
on the unknown planet. So its going to be in this one.

The Crew of the Washington have been turned into children ranging from age 8-13 they still have their memories but are shorter and a little moody. This happened because of science experiment where a vial was dropped. We are working on figuring out how to reverse the effects Next month we will be looking into a planet that the federation has lost touch with .


After the death of a visiting dignitary the crew of Starbase Prime race against the clock to solve the tangled mess left by the murderer and hopefully prevent any more murders. All while trying desperatly to prevent one death build to open hostilities.




The Patriot is currently docked at DS9 until 5th of October, making this a perfect place to jump on.

All senior staff places are available and all departments will be very busy during the upcoming missions. If you feel interested please feel free to join.



The USS Spyglass will return on the 18th of October.


USS Victory


“Really In Trouble”

Harry Mudd got himself into some trouble the last time he encountered the Victory- and it landed him in more trouble. And so to escape he got himself in even more trouble, and it’s going to be trouble for the whole galaxy…

…And in the mirror universe, the ISS Victory is chasing elusive ion storms, because Captain MacGregor has a daring plan…

USS Nova


The USS Nova is an intrepid class ship from the enterprise era! We are based a few years after the Romulan war has ended but peace is never solace! We are twinned with the NX-04 Discovery’s Plot which means we have two ships working in sync with each other in the same plot but on different missions!There maybe some times when both ships are on the same mission which will make for amazing posting and plotting!

Alamo Station

Currently seeking a Commanding Officer



Previously on the USS Discovery:
As Romulan agents unfold a terrible plot on Earth, Captain Anziano and his crew rush to activate the Discovery, only to find that the ship must be launched before she is ready. Will the crew find out how to save the Earth and stop the Romulans before it is too late?

Find out on Star Trek: Discovery


USS Sunfire


Uss Sunfire – the Sunfire has been assigned to locate the missing USS Jamison in the Minshara system. Once there they find the ship abandoned and the locals dying.



A celebration of Caitian culture turns deadly. A coup d’état is underway, the Churchill had grounded the Challenger in an ambush, a troop of gunman has stormed the Presidential Palace, and blood is being shed.

However, the crew of the Challenger fight valiantly to get her spaceworthy again, and the ingenuity of the captain and first officer has saved a handful of survivors from the Presidential Palance and turned the tide of battle. Now the Challenger gets ready to go into space and engage the rebel forces.

The Challanger currently has openings for the following senior positions, as well as many openings for junior positions:
Chief Strategic Operations Oifficer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Counselor
Chief Intelligence Officer

Chuck Norris






New mission being formed up and finalized. Wrap up your coming aboard posts within 24 hours. I shall be posting it tonight and it will begin on the 21st.



The Rioja is Becoming a Maquis ship after the Maquis took over the ship and beamed the crew to an M class planet. The captain is now a prisoner on his own ship and we are making new Maquis characters to replace our starfleet crew with.


Currently seeking a Commanding Officer

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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome a few new people to the fleet, including:

Commodore Zandra Zane who now runs our Facebook page, and Rear Admiral Kumbaya, our new Chief of Personnel. Captains, you should be hearing from them shortly so that they can address advertising and promoting your ships, as well as filling the needs of your vessels in regards to new crewmen. So be aware of who they are and please extend them appropriate courtesies when they reach out to you in the next month.

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Fleet Awards for May:

Genesis Post: Lieutenant Commander Vojana Satscher USS Chirikov

Best Post:  Lieutenant Shamoun Syed & Ensign Apollo Auditore USS Sunfire

Funniest Post: Lieutenant JG Santra Arron Dr/Mr USS Sunfire

Most Valuable Player: Commander Kateri Walking Deer USS Washington

Recruitment: None

Most Improved Player: Lieutenant Railey Nelson, Chief Science Officer USS Chuck Norris

Rookie of the Month: Ensign John Roberts USS Rioja

Most Posts: Lieutenant Commander T’Vyn with 41 posts USS Victory


Fleet Awards for June:

Genesis Post: Captain Tarja Baahn SB Prime

Best Post:  Round Peg, Square Hole by Commander Maur Weaver & Lieutenant Commander T’Vyn

Funniest Post: Packing Blues  by Crewman Ignatious Irksnot & Lieutenant Talla P’Trell & 1st Lieutenant Be’vaQ, Daughter of Qob   

Most Valuable Player: Lieutenant Commander Jessica Knox  USS Washington

Recruitment: None

Most Improved Player: Ens Jonathan Martin. USS Sunfire D

Rookie of the Month:  None

Most Posts: Lieutenant Commander T’Vyn with 31 posts USS Victory


Fleet Awards for July:

Genesis Post: Graz’s Physical by Lieutenant Commander Milonia Graz USS Pioneer 

Best Post:  Companions by Commander Liviana “Teddy Roosevelt” McCray & Lieutenant David Tennant & Ensign Ross Flatt Jr  USS Constellation

Funniest Post:  The Rise of a King by Warrant Officer Dex Hellion USS Chuck Norris

Most Valuable Player: Astronaut Fred USS Victory

Recruitment: None

Most Improved Player: Dr Laria Jorel USS Sunfire

Rookie of the Month: Ensign Alexandra Wilson USS Victory

Most Posts:  Lt Talla P’Trell – 26 Posts USS Sunfire

Special Thanks

I would also to take this chance to also recognize one Admiral who has gone beyond the call of duty in the last few months, and has really gotten involved with the fleet and addressed its needs more than ever. Her contribution in experience, guidance and the generosity of her time are without equal, and we would like to take a moment to officially recognize what an asset she is to the fleet. Rear Admiral Rhenora Kaylen has always been an invaluable asset to this fleet and we are fortunate and proud to have her amongst our ranks here in Independence Fleet.

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In closing, our fleet is moving along at a good pace. We have many great talented members, but one area we continue to struggle is ongoing recruitment. I want to remind everyone that the fleet is NOT the only source of recruitment. We do recruit, and we do pour a great deal of resources into trying to attract new talent, but that responsibility is not ours alone. Every member of the fleet shares that responsibility equally. Tell your friends, your family, tell everyone. Invite people in forums you are members of. The only way to continue to grow and operate smoothly is to recruit.

I am proud to be a part of this fleet, and I am thankful for each and everyone of you as we come up on this Thanksgiving Holiday. I wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving and Happy Simming!

FADM AJ Wheeler
Commander in Chief
Independence Fleet

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