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The Admiral’s PADD

We bear sad tidings on The Admiral’s PADD this month, as Independence Fleet has lost one of it’s own, who we now take a moment out to recognize and honor in their passing.
M. Shayne Patrick was an avid and remarkably prolific writer who served on the USS Victory, serving as the entirety of Sickbay- no, really, the man wrote every single NPC in Sickbay. He created a realm of color, light, wonder and harmony in the center of the saucer section that challenged, entertained and soothed every crewman who passed through it. His command of Trek lore and gaming source material was remarkable and impressive, and his enthusiasm for expressing a unique portrayal of many of the lesser-known races of the Federation was just one of the many talents that he brought to the table and shared freely with his fellow players.
His relationship with the fleet was sometimes tempestuous, he was always willing to talk over issues, discuss them as a civilized being and seek a harmonious answer. This was reflected in his characters- capable of dangerous actions, they were generally men of peace who sought to improve understanding and bring compassion to situations rather than threats and violence, and mutual enlightenment was the goal more often than not.
You can visit with the two main characters which he maintained on the Victory here, should you wish to see some of his works. After all, even his character bios are impressive works compared to so many:
And for the man himself, we all feel his loss. He was a great writer, a good supporter of the fleet and a friend to many here, and he will most certainly be missed. So please join us in a ‘missing man’ formation for one of our own.

M Shayne Patrick 5.1.1968 - 4.17.2013

*** The following is a piece written by a player on the USS Archimedes whose original Captain passed away one year ago this June. The pain of losing a friend and loved one never goes away, but slowly we adapt to living a life in the knowledge that we will see them again. – Admiral Wakeland In Memoriam: Christopher Faulk To those in IDF, more commonly known as Captain Noah Mitchell.
I had known Chris for several years, and even across several ships though at the time I didn’t even know this. I first met him on the USS Polaris in Obsidian Fleet, where he played a non-commissioned officer. It was clear pretty quick he wasn’t happy on the ship, and neither was I. I had transferred my character to another, while he did remain behind for a little while longer. Not long after, I created a new character for the USS Voltaire in the same fleet, and later on swapped my character around for Jeremy Ezio. We discovered that well, we had met before and we decided that our characters would likely be friends. My character had just lost his fiancée and his was a free spirit finding a honey in every port so to speak. Of course, the characters had other ideas, and they became a steady couple.After a few years, Chris became unhappy with the constant disappearance of our CO, and him having to run the ship in his absence. Eventually we decided to leave the ship and as such our characters became members of IDF, where Chris took command of the Archimedes.During our time on the Polaris he had told me he was sick, and over time he told me things were getting worse. Yet despite his sickness, he always carried on. He refused to let it get to him and he even spoke of his dreams. He was going to beat his illness and he was going back into counseling. For those who didn’t know this, Chris actually was a trained counselor but he ceased that job when a patient stabbed him. His dream was to go into youth counseling for gays, lesbians and transgenders and he spoke of this dream often.I knew Chris as a kind and patient person, who always offered an ear to listen or a virtual shoulder to cry on. When I had my first miscarriage, he was there to listen. When I had my second, despite him being ill, he listened. We spoke of meeting someday, and he told me that the bank he worked for (I believe it was ING but I’m not entirely certain) was going to send him over for something, but alas his illness got in the way and he never got to go.When I told him I was pregnant again, April last year, he was overjoyed to hear it. And in some way, I do believe that I owe my pregnancy to him. Because I was thinking of him very often, and was very concerned for him, my thoughts were off getting pregnant and I got pregnant 3 months after my last miscarriage. Ironically, my son is called Noah. I didn’t quite intend to name my son after him but my husband and I both liked the name, so in a way, Chris’s memory will always be carried on for me.June 8 2013, it’s a year since my dear friend, whom I never got to meet in person, nor got to talk to on skype for real, passed away. He will always be remembered by his online friends, wherever they are writing their stories now.Lieutenant j.g. Jeremy Ezio, formerly USS Archimedes
aka Lieutenant j.g. Naois Mercy, Chief Counselor USS Archimedes
(for privacy reasons, I choose not to give my real name)
Admiral Landon Wakeland,
Chief of Fleet Operations
Independence Fleet
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Whenever I create a character, my first move is to imagine who they are- which is really a question of who I want to play. Now, one of the ways that I do that, quite frankly, is cruise the internet for artwork to see what strikes my fancy. So with that in mind, sometimes I will come up with something interesting, and we’ll see how it can lead to many more details about the character. In this case I decide that an Andorian girl sounds like she might be fun.  So I surf the net for a few minutes and come up with this little gem:

So, not exactly a regulation uniform, but still Trek-esque- certainly post-dominion war. Gold, so security ops or engineering. Definitely Andorian, not terrifyingly pretty in the face, weird smile- looks like she is faking a smile, really. And the suit is definitely not standard. Flight suit maybe?

I decide that she is not just warm, but she has a defect and needs to wear a special uniform to regulate her temperature. Not really very much of a disad, and she will be extra resistant to cold. Andorian, so nobody will likely mind, and it gives her a reason to complain about the heat on the ship.  Hey, and she could need it more when she gets anxious or angry- so it becomes an affectation that she turns it down a little when that happens.

Oh, and she could sweat too… adds a little to her ‘tells’. When she gets nervous she sweats and turns down the suit! Okay, okay… we’re making some progress here. That being the case I’ll make her weird and neurotic so that she copes with a lot of anxiety, thus she breaks out in a sweat a lot. Somehow funny that the ice princess sweats into a puddle when she is nervous.

The camera angle is hitting her mid body, so she looks a bit tall… but I think a teeny tiny gal would be more fun. Make her the minimum height they accept you into the service with for average humanoids- 4’9”. Perfect. Okay, the hair looks a little dingy and grey- make her old? Nah, but make her middle aged, maybe in her forties. And just say that she missed the ‘pure as driven snow’ gene and thus she just got hair the color of dirty snow. And blue eyes… blue will be boring to write over and over again… hey, ‘polar blue’ eyes. That’ll work.
So my point in all of this is first that by envisioning the character, details about her image suggest themselves to me as character traits, and I start figuring out who she may be. I narrow down some choices and create character tics and traits. And I have an illustration that the whole crew can peek at anything to see what she looks like. And I can refer back to that to get ideas in the future as I develop the character.
So this is my illustrative demonstration of how a character illustration can serve to breathe a considerable amount of life into the character, both in your portrayal of them as well as in the minds of your fellow players. Yes, you can describe them and their actions, but this will set that image firmly in the minds of your fellow players- and suddenly, like a Transporter effect, you don’t have to work nearly as hard to describe it. Because the reader already knows what the effect looks like- or in this case the character.
And funny thing about a character illo? They don’t tend to change much in Trek- so if it is accurate because you built the character around the artwork, then your character illo will likely ALWAYS be accurate henceforth (save for maybe new rank, so on).
So, take this one to heart and try it out. You might just surprise yourself with the results, and your fellow players will certainly be appreciative of your effort- or at the very least envious.

Commodore Desiree Savaunt Task Force Commanding Officer, Task Force Charlie

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We are proud to announce the promotion of Clarence Oswald to the rank of Commodore, and hereby assign him to the position of Director of Fleet Communications. Commodore Oswald will be directly responsible for managing the Independence Fleet Newsletter, Fleet Facebook and Social Media broadcasts and additional marketing duties as necessary. 
We are also proud to announce the promotion of Gerald Reinhart to the rank of Rear Admiral. Rear Admiral Reinhart will be taking over the position of Chief of Fleet Personnel and Relations. He will be directly responsible for overseeing all fleet level recruitment, and for working with the Chief of Fleet Operations on determining overall ship needs in an effort to fill those needs. 
Captain John Buderger, AKA Captain Jim Roges AKA, Brandon Rogers. Brandon has, on multiple occasions, been instrumental in the fleets success.  He has, without hesitance, come forward on multiple occasions offering to assist us. For his dedication, his service above and beyond the call of duty I hereby award the Independence Fleet Distinguished Service Award to him. 
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Droplet: 2377 Ten Days before the temporal event. The crew of the Avalon rush against time itself to stop themselves from being thrown 6 months into the future. That is 5 months of a Borg war that they would have missed. Feeling a sense of duty to return and fight the Borg from the beginning; with a secret thought in the Captain’s mind, that he can stop the Borg war before it ever happens, if only they could get back.



No News to Report



we’re always looking for new players! there’s tons of openings, come play!



The new XO is replaced with an even newer XO.


The USS Washington Re-Launched April 1st as the beginning of an Aprils Fools joke, but it quickly has become a thriving vessel with a crew ready and able to serve. Our mission? Exploration of the unknown and defense of all who may threaten the federation’s allies.  Our ship is led by Captain Matt Elphaba, First officer Safefta Pardek and Second officer Commander Kateri Walking Deer.

The Washington is currently in orbit above Kessik IV After detecting the early stages of the omega molecule. We have since found out that it was an omega molecule Drill that star fleet was running. Sadly we failed because we need a Chief Engineer.  We have since gotten a Chief engineer so if they test us again we should pass



No news to report.



No news reported.



This month, the Chirikov is engaged in no less than eight different stories! The ship’s dry-docked and awaiting repairs at the Beta Antares shipyard and the crew have been reassigned to different posts across the quadrant. Follow their individual adventures as the countdown to a reunion in July continues! We can always use a serious, mature writer, and we have positions open in all fields for officers, civilians and even the occasional guest star, so apply now:


Season 1, Episode 1

Eye of the Needle, Part I

The Year is 2415.

USS Spyglass, under the command of Captain Da’nai Eden, is dispatched under Top Secret orders to a mysterious gateway in the Delta Quadrant that leads to another universe known as Thetaspace. Once beyond the gate, they are ordered to cloak it in order to hide the knowledge of its existence from others, and locate a planet suitable for terraforming. However, the crew does not realize that they are entering a fractured sub-level of this universe which is highly unstable and that once they cloaked the gate, they were sealed inside. Upon passing through the gateway, the ship is immediately bombarded by incorporeal beings known as the Komar. The Komar possess certain members of the crew and try to force the ship out of the thetaspace universe. Since the gate has been sealed as the ship entered, and the surrounding space is unstable, the Spyglass begins buckle under the energy. The crew is both trapped within thetaspace and in danger of being crushed to death.

Will the Spyglass survive to succeed in its mission? Join us to find out

USS Victory


The Green Fields of Earth

After all of their adventures of the past year, Captain Charybdis is determined that her children will be born on Earth, and she’s pressured the Admiralty of Starfleet Command into making it happen. Some will teach at the academy, some will be debriefed and some will explore Earth… but after the tragedies and losses of Vulcan, it’s time for a return to the green fields of Earth once more… just in time for the holidays.



Dry Docked

USS Sunfire


Mission – Escort



As the Challenger enters Caitian space, the Captain treats the crew to a rollercoaster of emotion as he is first confronted by something that he’d never thought he’d see, and then by someone he never wanted to see again. Admiral H’laarr of the Caitian Home Fleet, Captain Maress’Kaan’s father, stretches the limits of professionalism in reunion with his son, yet only elicits barely-restrained resentment.

Meanwhile, the Challenger finally gets an Executive Officer. Cmdr. Mason Storm joins the crew, and his first assignment is to arrange a formal dinner for the Captain and the Caitian Fleet Admiral, and he has no clue what he is getting himself into.

The Challanger currently has openings for the following senior positions, as well as many openings for junior positions:
Chief Strategic Operations Oifficer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer



Dry docked

Chuck Norris


And it’s time to announce our March IDF award nominees…

Best Post: Lt. Cmdr. Aurther Winters, Chief Engineer, for “One last attempt!”
Sprague’s mortal enemy makes ones last attempt to rid the universe of the incompetent Captain.

Funniest Post: Lieutenant Feyd Relor, Nurse, for “Gutsy Dame”
Lt Nelson takes the away team in an unexpected direction.

Genesis Award: Lt. Cmdr. Aurther Winters, Chief Engineering Officer, for “Brothers in Arms”
The Chuck Norris rescues the crew of a doomed freighter, whose crew believes that a pre-warp planet might be responsible for their ship’s destruction. The Chuck Norris investigates.

Most Valuable Player: Lt. Cmdr. Aurther Winters, Chief Engineering Officer
Winters takes home the Chuck Norris’s MVP nomination yet again. The consummate producer, Winters contributes in nearly every way possible. He still helps mentor our many young players and continues to provide great opportunities for others to get involved in-story. Not only did he lead the ship in total posts again, but he also sent this month’s Genesis Post. In doing so, he created a unique mission that has already sparked the sim into greater participation. Oh yeah, he got our Best Post nomination too. A true do-it-all guy, he makes the Captain’s job easy.

Rookie of the Month: Ensign Erika Ross, Chief Diplomatic Officer
Ross joined toward the end of the month, but still managed to make a positive impact on the sim. Not only did she send several excellent posts, but she also introduced multiple plot twists and helped to get other crewmembers involved. A character with an interesting background, Ross wasted no time in getting deep into the Chuck Norris’s story. The sky’s the limit for this talented rookie.

Most Improved: None

Most Posts: Lt. Cmdr. Aurther Winters, Chief Engineering Officer, 15 posts

Recruitment: None

Congrats to all and good luck!



The USS Liberty B has left port and has arrived at the Neutral Zone. Two new crewmates have joined us, a Klingon and a Romulan, promising to bring some excitement to the story. Recent adventures have included psych evals for the entire crew and some brain surgery. The Captain has been diagnosed with a rare disorder and is slowly dying, likely much to the excitement of some admirals. Meanwhile, a spy is beginning to relay important information to the Romulans, and suspicians are turning towards the Romulan helm officer… But is it really her, or is it someone else? Come join us and add to the continuing story!



Dry Docked



The Rioja is currently docked at Deep Space Nine for repairs while the captain is getting  cured of his unfortunate case of the ‘space mumps’. We are currently looking for new crew for most positions that can come aboard while we are docked at the station.



Dry Docked

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USS Avalon: Lieutenant Nessarose-Tip Dillamond is hereby promoted to Lieutenant Commander Nessarose-Tip Dillamond

The Fleet Web Hosting Bill has been paid thanks to generous donations. Don’t forget, if you want to donate to the fleet, you may do so by visiting and clicking on DONATE on the right hand side.

USS Avalon: Commander Chase is hereby promoted to Captain.

USS Washington: They have left Dry Dock under their new guidance from Captain Matt Elphaba

USS Avalon: Lieutenant JG Tyra Ironhooves is hereby promoted to Lieutenant Tyra Ironhooves

The TransWarp Book Club hereby announces the end of its reign. We thank the team that ran it for their hard work over the past year.

USS Constellation: The Constellation’s Captain, Captain Jules Verne has retired.

USS Constellation: Commodore Logan McKenzie is hereby ordered to assume command of the ship effective immediately.

USS Avalon: Happy Birthday to Lieutenant JG N’alae t’Volskiar

USS Chuck Norris: Lt. Cmdr. Aurther Winters is hereby promoted to full Commander.

USS Chuck Norris: Lt. jg Railey Nelson is hereby promoted to full Lieutenant.

USS Chuck Norris: Ensign Erika Ross is hereby promoted to Lt jg

Happy Birthday To Captain Matt Elphaba

Happy Birthday To Captain Matthew Hudson

That’s right, Independence Fleet is now accepting nominations for its Hall of Fame Class of 2013! All nominations should be sent to me at Each nomination should include the name of the character and a write-up of why they’re deserving of the Hall of Fame. If you’re not sure what the IDF HoF is or how it works, check out its charter:


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Fleet Awards for March:

Genesis Post: Lt. Cmdr. Aurther Winters, Chief Engineering Officer, for “Brothers in Arms” The Chuck Norris rescues the crew of a doomed freighter, whose crew believes that a pre-warp planet might be responsible for their ship’s destruction. The Chuck Norris investigates.

Best Post:  Wahng At Risk – By Jenna Ramthorne
A beautifully written post that neatly portrays two of the major guest characters in our newest mission.

Funniest Post: “Collect Call from Cait” by Lieutenant Commander Selune & Captain Charybdis

Most Valuable Player: LT Verelan t’Raidak- For taking initiative and helping push the story forward, also adding some good character relations and unexpected twists. Willing to help with anything that needs it, willing to challenge herself.

Recruitment: Lieutenant Nessarose-Tip Dillamond recruited 2 players this month

Most Improved Player: Most Improved Player: LT Commander Maryam Syed.
This month Maryam has doubled her post count and has been involved in some of the biggest JP’s the Sunfire has seen. She’s also taken the bull by the horns and sat in the ‘Big Chair’ for a number of posts. Well done!

Rookie of the Month: Lieutenant JG Ni’caida DeNedi who logged 27 mission posts and personal logs for her first month

Most Posts: Lieutenant Nessarose-Tip Dillamond 48 Posts

Fleet Awards for April:

Genesis Post: The Search for the New Mission- by Commander Safefta Pardek & Captain Matt Elphaba & Admiral Dullus Bree

Best Post: Jiminy Cricket: Your Consciense Be Your Guide- by Lieutenant Talla P’Trell & Lieutenant Anthony Hightower V

Funniest Post: Aquaphobia by Lieutenant Commander Nessarose-Tip Dillamond & Lieutenant JG Sarish Dillamond

Most Valuable Player: USS Victory Julia, our very own Terrible Trill, Yuna Raza, whom can always be relied upon for a story. As long as it is between the hours of 6 PM and 2 AM, Sunday through Thursday. As long as she isn’t being buried by paperwork at work. or she’s on vacation. or it is a weird Australian holiday. Or…

Recruitment: USS Chirikov-  Devys Argent for two new recruits

Most Improved Player: USS Chirikov- Christina Morris (Oolan Solara). She is only required to post once per month as a civilian, but she has taken to writing her own solo mission and has not only posted twice the minimum monthly rate for an officer, but has been active in the FB group and the STC wiki.

Rookie of the Month: USS Chirikov-  Sada (Vid-Lotilija). She picked up the bascis very quickly, nd even though she was still in a grace period (and had some personal troubles to attend to, she became active on the FB group and produced our best post of the month.

Most Posts: USS Victory- Lieutenant Commander T’Vyn 50

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Special Thanks

This months Special Thanks goes out to Admiral Joseph Carroll from the Inspectors Generals office. He does not have the easy job in this fleet and he must always play the bad guy. For many men this would turn them into loathing the fleet but for Joe, his love for this fleet only grows. He is usually the lone wolf amongst the Captain’s and the Admiral’s, but we truly do appreciate his hard and devoted work towards ensuring this fleets future.

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In closing, we would like to welcome the many new members to the fleet. We have seen several people joins us this month, and we hope they can settle in nicely and quickly. Should any person ever need help or training, your welcome to contact either your Captain or myself, and we will assist you. I can be reached via email


Admiral Landon Wakeland
Chief of Fleet Operations

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