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Welcome to the
Independence Fleet Newsletter
for the month of July…

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The Admiral’s PADD

Welcome to another edition of the Independence Fleet Newsletter, first and foremost we (the Admiralty) would like to apologize for the delay in these newsletters. We are taking actions to try and streamline the process to make it more timely, and hope to have these issues resolved within the next month.

Independence Fleet has seen a great amount of activity in the last six months, we are growing and slowly strengthening the existing sims along the way. Recruitment efforts are continuing to help strengthen sims and continue our growth swing. We are always looking for new recruitment ideas, contest ideas, etc so if you think you have a good idea, feel free to get in touch with Admiral Wakeland.

Independence Fleet is again looking to expand our presence, part of that includes growing our existing Wiki database, and overall web recruitment presence. If you or someone you know might be interested in taking over our Wiki Development, and help expand our web presence feel free to get in touch with me!

I want to thank the Commanding Officers of Independence Fleet, the Task Force CO’s, and of course Admiral Wakeland for their devotion and hard work. Their hard work and dedication has made IDF what it is today, and often times that hard work goes unnoticed, so officially I want to thank each of them personally!

Fleet Admiral AJ Wheeler
Commander in Chief
Independence Fleet

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USS Avalon:

We are about to liberate Takara, the home world of the Deathclaws who we discovered are sentient. Check us out!


USS Archimedes

Current Mission: First Contact Made Tough. The crew of the Archimedes prepares to make first contact with a race on the planet Triaxia V, which they have learned is a society dominated by the females of the species. A surprise lurks that they have not yet discovered, but first contact is already a tough mission to begin with, so how will they react to what is to come?


USS Constellation

We’re always looking for new players! there’s tons of openings, come play!


USS pioneer

A new XO arrives, coincidentally on the heels of the old one’s demise.



Attention to Orders!

On this stardate 57733.67, command of the Immense Class star base codenamed “Prime” is hereby transferred to Captain Matthew Hudson and his new first officer Commander Karissa Bailey. Captain Xavier Cross will be departing on the USS Dawnstar, along with Commander Darryl Kettner. In it’s place the USS Valiant, a Defiant Class escort, will be docked.


USS Patriot

Despite a struggling effort the Patriot is slowly dying. Attacked by Orion pirates she’s adrift inside a gas nebula and her crew left to die. If you want to come and be the salvation of this valiant and patriotic crew, look us up and join today.


USS Chirikov

Will return later this month.


USS spyglass

Will return later this month.

USS Victory

USS victory


With the ‘whale probe’ headed to earth, first the USS Saratoga and then the USS Yorktown will become completely disabled and depowered. The Victory can cross the distances to lend aid… but how do you recharge a starship, when the clock is ticking, life support is running out and more ships are in distress!



Dry docked

USS Sunfire

USS Sunfire D

Posts: 268
The Sunfire has been ordered to escort a freighter class vessel through a disputed territory. The cargo is special not only to the freight runners but also to others in the area. While running the mission, the freighter is attacked and the cargo is taken leaving the crew of the Sunfire to track down and recover the cargo as well as find the attackers to discover the motive behind the attack.


USS Challenger

The party goes off without a hitch, despite the sour disposition of the ship’s captain. There was good spirits as the Caitian crew of the Churchill and the more sundry crew of the Challenger mingled well and without significant incident, though their captains have gotten off less amicably. Captain T’rrazha seems intent on getting Captain Maress’Kaan’s attention, despite his continued rude rebuffs.

After the night’s festivities, the hung over Maress’Kaan woke up to discovered that his vacant XO spot had been filled, and that his Chief Intelligence spot has been silently emptied. He promotes his promising newcomer Karah to the office of CIO.

The Challanger currently has openings for the following senior positions, as well as many openings for junior positions:
Chief Strategic Operations Oifficer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer


USS Indomitable

Dry docked

Chuck Norris

USS chuck norris

I’ve never done this before, but I’m going to nominate the same post for the Best and Funniest awards. I think it could be competitive for either. Good luck, Relor!

Best Post & Funniest Post: “Crybaby” by Lieutenant JG Feyd Relor, Nurse
XO Youngblood and Chief Engineer Winters set a trap for Captain Sprague and the Chuck Norris during war game exercises as Youngblood temporarily commands the decommissioned USS George W. Bush. Will it work?

-Capt Sprague


USS liberty B

The USS Liberty B has left port and has arrived at the Neutral Zone. Two new crewmates have joined us, a Klingon and a Romulan, promising to bring some excitement to the story. Recent adventures have included psych evals for the entire crew and some brain surgery. The Captain has been diagnosed with a rare disorder and is slowly dying, likely much to the excitement of some admirals. Meanwhile, a spy is beginning to relay important information to the Romulans, and suspicions are turning towards the Romulan helm officer… But is it really her, or is it someone else? Come join us and add to the continuing story!


USS Malinche

Dry Docked


USS rioja

The Rioja is Currently heading towards a Romulan base. The crew will be disguising themselves as Romulan officials and will infiltrate the Base and find out what experimental Weapons they have.


USS Phantom

Dry Docked

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Admiral Wakeland’s grandfather passed away this week, and he has asked that anyone who prays, please pray for him, his name was Billy Gene Mason.

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Fleet Awards for December:

Genesis Post: USS Chuck Norris “Atonement” by Commander Youngblood

Best Post: USS Victory “Time to Do the Deed” by Cmdr. Yuna Raza

Funniest Post: USS Sunfire A Matter of Urgency – R.Adm Kaylen at Lt P’Trell

Most Valuable Player: USS Chuck Norris Commander Shane Youngblood

Most Improved Player: USS Liberty-B Commander Simorina ka’NiH

Recruitment: USS Pioneer Commander Colby Schen

Rookie of the Month: USS Pioneer Ensign Shras t’Zarath

Most Posts: USS Victory Lt. T’Vyn - 47 Posts

Fleet Awards for January:

Genesis Post: USS Avalon “Hello, Borg? It’s the Avalon, is anyone home?” by Commander Wesley Chase

Best Post: USS Avalon “Borg Boarding Party (Pt. 1)” By: Lieutenant Nessarose-Tip Dillamond & Lieutenant JG Tyra Ironhooves & Commander Wesley Chase

Funniest Post: USS Victory “Paris in Springtime” By: Captain Charybdis & Lieutenant JG Kale’ Yamparti

Most Valuable Player: USS Sunfire-D LT Talla P’Trell

Most Improved Player: USS Liberty-B LT JG Eros Thalen

Recruitment: USS Sunfire – D Talla P’Trell – 1

Rookie of the Month: USS Sunfire-D 1st Lieutenant Be’vaQ

Most Posts: USS Victory Lieutenant Commander T’Vyn 55

Fleet Awards for February:

Genesis Post: USS Sunfire-D “Genesis” By: Jenna Ramthorne & Rear Admiral Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant JG Talla P’Trell

Best Post: USS Victory “Things Man Was Not Meant To Know” By: Captain Charybdis & Lieutenant Commander Selune & Lieutenant Commander Siivas McKenzie & Lieutenant Velth Andurean

Funniest Post: USS Chuck Norris “Side Effects” By: Lieutenant Feyd Relor

Most Valuable Player: USS Chuck Norris Lt. Cmdr. Aurther Winters

Recruitment: USS Sanctuary Col MayTa

Most Improved Player: USS Avalon-E Lieutenant JG Nessarose-Tip Dillamond

Rookie of the Month: USS Pioneer Lieutenant JG Morton

Most Posts: USS Liberty-B LTCR Lucas Russell

Trans Warp Book Club

TransWarp Book Club start here

Special Thanks

A special thank you goes out this month to all of our Captain’s who continue to grow the fleet and stabilize the games with little effort. They are the backbone of this fleet and we value each and every one of you deeply.

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Happy New Year!

Happy Presidents Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Those are the major celebrated holidays anyway. Around the fleet from November until February things tend to slow down on many ships. Strange enough, on the Sunfire we picked up several new players and the stories there grew richer as the friendships grew stronger. Never underestimate the power a friend makes. And never expect a newsletter, they are a surprise waiting to happen. When they do, just relax and enjoy.

Commodore Robert McHenry

Marketing Director

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