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Welcome to the
Independence Fleet Newsletter
for the month of July…

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The Admiral’s PADD

This past month marked many occasions in the real world:
1.Breast Cancer Awareness Month
2. the anniversary of the day Matthew Shepard was murdered
3. for Americans, a few political debates that are laying the groundwork for an election that could shape the future of a country on the brink of going in two polar directions.

I have watched as this election has destroyed friendships as the many deeply personal issues become publicly argued amongst friends and family. It seems that lifelong friendships are being put to the test over issues that everyone assumed were settled a generation ago, or issues that may not be resolved for another generation. As a country, we are about to enter into an election that will set the course of a nation like few elections will so I encourage each American to take the time to vote this November and to really consider yourself and your neighbor when you do.

That said, the fleet has been blessed with NO POLITICS lately! W00t! That’s right folks we have finally found a set of Admirals who aren’t more worried about power and control than they are about helping out the fleet. You see, in this fleet, an Admiral is not the root power of every ship, unlike some fleets that have too many chiefs; we believe a Captain should command their ship and we stay out of their way and allow them to do so. Don’t get me wrong, we have a system of authority in place for extreme emergencies, but for the most part, all the Admirals do is paperwork and keep track of things so the rest of the fleet can play smoothly. Everything here is free, paid for by our Fleet Admiral, but in order for him to keep paying for everything, he needs certain records. That’s where we the Admiralty come into play, we track the data he needs to know so he can project expenses and stay on top of things. There is no glory in being an Admiral around here and it’s a thankless job for the most part. So I will take the time here to say thank you to each of the Task Force Commanding Officers who make the weekly meetings, handle the weekly reports, the monthly reports and maintain the spreadsheets for each of our over 20 SIMs. These are the true hard workers that are never seen much, because everything they do comes to me directly. Thanks for all of your hard work; I really do appreciate the help!

This is a serious month in the real world, we raise awareness of the battle against Breast Cancer, we take a stand against Bullying in all of its forms, and for American’s, we are about to have a VERY important election. While the world is serious with serious issues, I encourage you all to have some fun with your characters and your game. Take it as a chance to relax and to blow off some steam. Recently I was speaking with someone who said that their character seems to be all over the place but they thought it was because lately they themselves are all over the place. I suggested they play it out with their character; our characters are a great window into ourselves when we need them to be, they can be for more than just being heroes, they can be windows of self-discovery.

Most importantly, remember that this is a game, and every person here is a volunteer. None of us are paid, and many of the senior admirals actually shell out their own money to keep this service available. Enjoy the game, and remember to be grateful as you do so – for all of those who sacrifice their time, talents and money to keep this organization going!

Admiral Landon Wakeland
Chief of Fleet Operations
Independence Fleet

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USS Avalon: 

Did not submit anything.


USS Archimedes

Communications reveal Muntak Sol; the arrogant Prime Minister of Narath, who, well aware of his people’s predicament, shows a crass dislike towards his potential saviours.

Torn between his ideals of duty and his sick sense of humour, November reluctantly forms his away team. Ordered to be armed with the best equipment both Engineering and Medical can provide the team awaits their plunge into the depths…


USS Constellation

the Con is finally home! time for some r&r!
we’re also looking for some critical areas to be filled, join up today! (we have openings in all departments! Even a couple chief openings!)


USS pioneer

Did not submit anything.


USS washington

The USS Washington is to deliver much needed supplies to a struggling Romulan outpost in Nequencia. It seems like a simple shakedown cruise for the new command team until murder and rioting turns things sour. Can the crew calm down the population, figure out whodunnit, for what purpose and bring them to justice? It’s going to be a lot of fun and we still have open positions! The top two are for Engineering and Ops officers. Take a look at our sim today


Starbase prime 

yearly psych evals are currently underway on the starbase also work is progessing on the nano weapons, research into the second wormhole that was deteced moves forward a little.

USS Sanctuary



USS Patriot

A Routine stopover for resupply at a distant outpost leaves the Patriot minus a command team member as Commander Westlake is abducted, vanishing into thin air. With a shake up in the command structure, the team is short staffed and running on minimum clues. Who has taken the commander and what is their agenda. Further more can the Patriot find them before they end up as slaves to the lowest bidder or worse? Klingons, Assassins and Orions, oh my.


USS Chirikov

Unforgiven – Fourteen years ago, the Breen led a brazen attack on Earth which killed many… including the family of a starship captain. That captain has waited a long time to enact revenge. Now, a Norway class starship has gone AWOL. The USS Chirikov, the closest vessel in the area, has been tasked with tracking down the errant starship and its CO. If they’re unsuccessful, it could lead to genocide and an all-out war between the Federation Alliance and the Typhon Pact!

The USS Chirikov can use a few good people, whether it’s long-term or just for one mission. Write for a Starfleet officer, a civilian, or be a guest star. If you’re over 15, are passingly familiar with the genre, enjoy creative writing and prefer a more structured sim (perfect for noobs) come check us out:
We currently have openings for a Chief Science Officer and a Chief Engineer.


USS spyglass

Welcome to the Spyglass.

Alamo Station

USS Bonaventure

Mission Update: the Bonaventure has sent away teams down to the planet to investigate things and see if they can get answers to the strange goings on planetside.

USS Victory

USS victory

“To Boldly Go…”

The science colony on Adelphous Prime, which was established to study the remains of an ancient civilization discovered on this planet during a lifeform survey conducted by the USS Reliant a year and a half ago needs to b

 e resupplied. Since the Victory is moving into the neighborhood she has been assigned to deliver them. The problem is that they aren’t answering hails, and with significant solar flare activity in the area, all sorts of problems might occur… or be occurring. A mission so simple a freighter could do it… so what could possibly go wrong?



The ship is underway and the Captain is ready to fill the crew into the nature of their mission. Add to that the Liaison to the Federation News Agency joining the staff as acting comm chief and you have an interesting picture.

USS Sunfire

USS Sunfire D

The USS Sunfire wraps up her mission at Coralee. Where we go from here is up to you. Join us today for the ride of a lifetime. Hell 3/4 of the crew are women, yup one hell of a ride.


USS Challenger

The away mission was aborted by an unanticipated change in the weather combined with a discovery of a Romulan escape pod with a single dead occupant. Though hampered by technical and physical difficulties, the Challenger was able to retrieve the escape pod. However, as the crew was examining their find, they released a Romulan bioweapon onto the ship, and it quickly escaped attempts at confinement. Captain Maress’Kaan, seeing that they were caught in a trap, rushed to facilitate an escape, but could not before his ship was cornered by a squadron of Romulan ships. Hopelessly outgunned and debilitated by the epidemic, the captain was forced to surrender his ship to the Romulan boarding parties. However, it was a trap of the Caitian’s own. With some misdirection, he was first able to convince the Romulan admiral that the Challenger was safe, then that he had managed to infect all of the other ships, prompting the Romulans to negotiate a withdrawal, leaving the Challenger to go on her merry way.

Now, the Challenger is returning to the nearest Starbase to refresh and refill her roster and prepare for her next mission, whatever it may be.The Challenger currently has openings for the following senior positions, as well as many openings for junior positions:
Executive Officer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer


USS Indomitable

Did not submit anything.

Chuck Norris

USS chuck norris

Did not submit anything.


USS liberty B

Current Mission – Rescue
The crew of the USS Liberty-B head back into the Gamma Quadrant to rescue their former Captain, Jim Rodgers, under the command of a new CO.

The Liberty is in need of an Chief Operations & Chief Security/Tactical


USS Malinche

The USS Malinche Will Not Be Returning To Dock Only Being Reassigned With That Having Been Said I Have Informed My Crew Of The Changes As Well As Some Have Suggested The Use Of NPC’s. I Have Put Into Place Some NPC’s to help in getting mission flowing and moving one more. On Behalf Of Myself And My Crew We Are Grateful For This Opportunity. Our Current Mission Will Continue


USS rioja

“The history of our galaxy before things were as we know them…” He struggled to find a way to explain it. “The box suggests that our galaxy run’s in ‘cycles’ of 65,000 year’s and every ‘cycle’ ends with the crippling and genocide of intel

ligent life throughout all of the quadrant’s. The box contains a history of the last cycle… and tell’s us how it ended.” He paused and awaited the comment’s and questions that were to fired his way. — A snippet from the latest mission, things are going to get spooky. So jump in as we have many positions available including Chief science officer and Chief medical officer.


USS Phantom

Welcome to IDF! More news to come.

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Lt. Commander Oscar November has been promoted to Captain USS Archimedes

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Fleet Awards for July:


Genesis Post:

Blast From the Past

by Captain Patrick O’Connor

Mission: Hail Caesar!

Location: USS Bonaventure


Best Post: 

Lt. Commander Maryam Syed

The End of the Tunnel

by Lieutenant Commander Maryam Syed

Mission: Waters of Coralee


Funniest Post:

 One Last Night On Earth XI
by Commander Fiona McCray & Captain Charybdis & Lieutenant Commander Selune & Lieutenant Commander Yuna Celes & Lieutenant Commander Siivas McKenzie & Lieutenant Velth Andurean & Qurka Qurg

Mission: Present Tense

Location: Eilean Donan, Scotland


Most Valuable Player: 

Commander Naomi Valinor Elessayn Strayer

Katharyn King a.k.a. Naomi Strayer USS Chirikov for her outstanding leadership during the CO’s leave of absence, while also commanding her own ship.




Most Improved Player: 

Crewman Recruit Matt Elphaba

Ensign Matt Elphaba USS Washington. Matt Elphaba joined us and is new to both simming and Trek. His first tentative posts were quite short as he tested the waters and found his feet. He’s had good ideas and you can see the improvement in the quality and length of posts as he grows more confident. He has a real creative flair which is coming out a little more with each post and I enjoy his Dr Who references.



Rookie of the Month: Lieutenant Commander Emra Danar USS Patriot

Most Posts: Fiona McCray USS Victory – 32 Posts

Lieutenant T'Vyn

Lieutenant T'Vyn

Recruitment Award: Lieutenant T’Vyn – USS Victory for 1 Recruit & Lt. Mackenzie Matthews USS Avalon for 1 Recruit

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Trans Warp Book Club

You can find all of our previous and future book listings at TransWarp

Oct 28 – Nov 24 Star Trek: Titan Sword of Damocles

Nov 25 – Dec 22 DS9 Rising Son

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Monopoly Star Trek Continum GAME

Star Trek Monopoly

Travel through the Star Trek continuum and explore generations of exciting Starfleet history. Buy, sell, and trade the most memorable Trek locations. This highly entertaining version of Monopoly includes Sensor Readings (Chance) and Subspace Transmission (Community Chest) cards, as well as 6 collectible, Trekkie-themed pewter tokens: Shuttlecraft, Phaser, Klingon Goblet, Communicator, Captain’s Chair, and Vulcan Harp.Monopoly, star trek, continumBuy, sell and trade some of the most memorable star trek locations that make up the continuumGame comes complete with 6 collectible pewter tokens including the captain?s chair, communicator, klingon blood wine goblet, shuttlecraft, vulcan harp and the phaserEnjoy the thrill of deal-making, risk-taking and owning it all in the world of Star Trekfree shipping

Star Trek: The Next Generation DVD set

Seasons 2, 3, 4. Cover in Japanese. Episodes in English. Comes with episode guide, mint condition. Plays in all standard DVD formats.

Earloomz SL124 Original Star Trek Command Shield Bluetooth Headset FREE SHIPPING

Earloomz SL124 Original Star Trek Command Shield Bluetooth Headset

Product Specifications

Bluetooth Version v2.1 +EDR
Headset and Hands Free Profiles
Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
Initial Charge time 1 hour
1/2 hour to recharge
Video Game Compatible
Voice Prompt
Connect to Two Cell Phones
Noise Reduction
Weight: 10g
Talk Time: 5 hours
Standby Time: 120 Hours
Dimension: 53[L] x 18 [W] x 9 [H] mm

GL Package Contents

2 Earhooks
4 Earbuds
Warranty Card
User Manual
USB Charging Cable
Lanyard Necklace Item is brand new, factory sealed.  Shipping is FREE!


Commemorative Porcelain Plaque

Star Trek The next generation Special Commemorative addition Porcelain Plaque!!

Celebrating 7 yrs of The next generation..1987-1994..never been out of box!!!

Star Trek Stainless Steel Starfleet Crystal Pendant Necklace, 24″

Crystal Pendant

Metal stamp Stainless steel Metal Stainless steel Gem Type Cubic zirconia Minimum total gem weight 1.56 carats Setting 4 Prong setting Height 0.5 inches Length 0.5 inches Chain Oval curb Clasp lobster-claw-clasps Total metal weight 9.2 Grams

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Special Thanks

None this month, sorry.

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Another month gone by plus or minus depending on the Ferengi doing the math. Keep those recruits coming, keep up the good posting numbers and enjoy yourselves as we approach the bewitching hour. Holidays are upon most of us here in the states, and for you abroad as well. As we get closer beware of NaNoWriMo stealing your writers, but be lenient on them when they return.

As always, Happy Simming.

Commodore Robert McHenry
Marketing Director

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