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The Admiral’s PADD

Hello again, this month we have a great deal of changes in store for you.  Several new ships, and faces, and awards… Before we get to that, I want to take a moment to talk to each of you.

It is with profound sadness that I must relay that Commander Fiona McCray, Executive Officer of the USS Victory played by Linda Russell-Walton has passed away suddenly of what is an apparent brain aneurysm. Linda was a warm and caring individual, with a passion for friends and for Star Trek.  Linda was a writer of enormous capability, with an imagination and flair for the dramatic that few could touch… these traits endeared her to everyone she met!

Our deepest and most sincere condolences are extended to Linda’s family and friends, as well as to the captain and crew of the USS Victory – Linda’s home away from home. While it is not easy to say goodbye, know that her spirit will live on with each of you!

If there is anything at all that any of us here in Independence Fleet can do, please feel free to let us know!

Fleet Admiral AJ Wheeler

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Interview with Joan Hazel

Joan Hazel

A short biography:

A native of Selmer, Tenn., Joan Hazel is an accomplished actress and vocalist who has performed with theater and opera companies across the eastern United States. She has spent time as a vocal and piano teacher at the University level. As a teacher she is much sought after for her skills and often works privately with students in her home. In addition to her work on stage and with performers, she is also a skilled box office manager who has served as the Athletics Ticket Manager at Troy University for five years. Her spare time is spent with the cast of characters who live in her head. She has written three novels that range from historical fiction and fantasy to reality-based crime fiction.

This biography was provided by the author or their representative.

Katharyn King: Hi Joan ! Firstly, it’s a pleasure to be able to have an interview with

Joan Hazel: Thanks for asking me. I’m excited to do it.

KK: Secondly, allow me to congratulate you on your success—it’s not an easy task
to become a bestseller, but you’ve done it so kudos to you !

JH: Ha, ha. I’m not sure I classify myself as a bestseller, but I would be lying if I said I
didn’t like the moniker.

KK: I wish I could stray away from the generic questions, but as you’ve built up
quite a fanbase, I’m sure people are dying to know the basics about Joan Hazel.
Why don’t you tell me where you’re from, whether you’ve got family, etc. etc. ?

JH: I’m just a small town girl really. My childhood was spent on a cotton farm in
rural Tennessee and spent most of my time playing with the animals. When I was 14, I
moved to Corinth, Mississippi.
I married my wonderful husband 21 years ago and have a beautiful fur daughter,
Ismarelda. She is half-American Spitz, half Sheltie and quite the little diva.

KK: I’ve noticed you keep a fairly active blog—it’s great to see that you’re in touch
with your audience and sharing with them the things that matter to you—would
you agree with me that many authors lose touch with their fans as their success
increases, and do you see that happening to you in the future ? I call it the “J. K.
Rowling Effect” –or, if you’ve ever read Christie Golden’s books, she used to be
extremely fan-oriented and would read/respond to every email she possibly could
until about six years ago.

JH: I have noticed that also. If I am so blessed to get to the point of the “J.K. Rowling”,
I plan on staying in contact best I can with the fans. After all, you guys are the ones that
would help me to achieve that status, and I would never want to lose that connection.
And I want that to work both ways. I never want the fans to think that I am inaccessible.
I want to know what you think of the books and the characters. In fact, someone disliked
on of my characters so much she created a blog called “Aaron McAfee Must Die.” How
great is that?

KK: Your biographical information on your website describes you as a former
Opera singer-turned Writer. Do you ever miss singing and/or do you still perform as
a singer publicly? Why/why not?

JH: I do miss preforming every now and then. Occasionally I am asked to perform the
National Anthem and I have re-visited my love for musical theatre in the past couple of
years. But overall I am satisfied not being onstage. Opera became too judgmental for me.
I began to notice the trend of singers being cast for body type and looks over their ability
to sing. I even had a role taken away from me because I did not fit the dress the company
already had and they did not want to spend the money on another one. The role was given
to a smaller singer, whose voice was the wrong type for the role. That was probably more
than you really wanted to know wasn’t it?

KK: Interesting! Do you find that writing is more a form of therapy, or just
something for fun?

JH: Maybe a bit of both. To be able to step inside a character’s skin to see how they
would react or handle a situation is terribly fun. Then again, when you can write a
character such as Apple-y, a sadistic Siberian tiger, then you get to explore hidden parts
of your own psyche. Of course, that could be a bit scary if you stop and think about it.

KK: You don’t appear to be one of those pigeon-holed writers; that is to say, your
books span across multiple genres, which is rather unusual. Is that something
you’ve set out to achieve—eclectism ?

JH: Not really. But I believe that good writing and storytelling is good writing and
storytelling no matter what the genre.

KK: What do you believe sets you apart? Why should people read your work?

JH: I believe, or at least I hope, it is that my characters are credible. There are 4 leading
men in The Last Guardian and no two are alike. I believe my characters and stories make
people go: I know that guy or girl. Or illicit some type of emotion from the reader. If they
don’t then I have failed in my goal.

KK: Tell me about what makes you tick—what inspires you? If you could pick three
positive words about yourself and three criticisms, what would they be?

JH: Really? That has always been hard for me. Three words that are positive. Quirky—
in that I look at the world a bit differently. That helps A LOT when writing Ghost.
Spiritual—which gave me a strong base to work from when creating the world of
the shape-shifters. And lastly—outgoing. I have little fear in meeting new people or
challenges unless either involves heights, then I am out.

Three words that are criticisms? Perfectionist—which can be limiting. Obsessive—
I rewrote one chapter 12 times until it felt right. ADOP—which stands for Attention

Deficit Oooo Pretty. It is such a well-known fact about me, that a find of mine told me
I reminded them of the dog from the Pixar film UP! You know… “My master is a good
and kind—SQUIRREL!”

KK: I hope you don’t mind my asking a few personal questions !

JH: Not at all.

KK: Romance/love definitely finds its place as a central theme in your work, so let
me ask you this—is it purely fictional, are do you draw on your own experiences ?

JH: There is a bit of both involved. I am definitely a romantic at heart so have to stop and
think how I would like for my male characters to handle this. But there are parts that are
pulled from real life with an added bit of embellishment.

KK: What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you ?

JH: The most romantic was when my husband took me to a Pirates game on our
anniversary and during every half inning a representative from the Pirates organization
would bring me a long stem rose until I had collected all two dozen. I was so mad I was
at the ballgame on my anniversary, but the roses got him out of the doghouse.

KK: If you could give any single piece of advice about relationships for the younger
crowd, what would it be?

JH: Be mindful of what you say in anger. Once it out, you can never, ever take it back,
and I promise you, your partner will never forget it.

KK: Now for the fun part—likes/dislikes! White, Milk or Dark Chocolate—or none
of the above ?

JH: If I had to choose, I would have to say Dark Chocolate, and if you pair it with a good
coffee or wine, all the better.

KK: Dems or Reps ? Obama or Romney 2012 ?

JH: Sorry. I never discuss politics.

KK: Grape or Orange soda ?

JH: Neither. I actually like Peach soda. Must be the Southern Girl in me.

KK: What type of music do you listen to?

JH: A better question would be what don’t I listen to? My music taste spans decades and
genres. About the only thing I do not listen to is hip-hop and rap.

KK: What sorts of extracurricular activities do you enjoy ? Do you have a special
talent that might surprise people ?

JH: I am a pretty simple person really. I love to cook, but have a lot of extra time to spend
in the kitchen. I’m pretty sure my hubby thinks I am trying to starve him at the present

The only other talent I have that few people know about is that I can read palms.

KK: Thank you so much for participating in this interview, Joan ! I appreciate you
taking the time to do it because I understand how busy writers are—I’m a writer
myself so I know how it goes. Is there anything else you’d like to share before we

JH: Just to thank you for the opportunity, and I was serious about the fans contacting me.
I want to know what is on your minds.

You can learn more about Joan Hazel on her website;
her books are available for Kindle and Nook. Thanks for reading !

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USS Avalon: 

Captain failed to provide any information


USS Archimedes

The USS Archimedes is still looking for an Operations and CTSO chief.


USS Constellation

The Con has been hurled 200 years in past. What terrors await?


USS pioneer

Captain failed to provide any information


USS washington

The USS Washington B is on a mission to the Neutral Zone to foil a plan by the Romulans to create a starship sized drone using a positronic brain as it’s version of the “M5″. The current mission crew will employ the use of the captain’s yacht to infiltrate the Romulans using Vulcans in disguise. We have a couple of new recruits on this ship and we are looking for more. We need a Chief Engineer and a head of Security.-Capt. Scintilla


Starbase prime and uss sanctuary

The USS Sanctuary will be breaking off into its own Marine SIM within Independence Fleet this month.

Star Base Prime: Open positions.

Chief Flight Controller.
Chief Operations
Chief Engineering
Chief Science
Asst. Chief Medical
Chief Sec/Tac
Chief Engineer


USS Patriot

No News Yet!


USS Chirikov

S3E32 Unforgiven – Fourteen years ago, the Breen led a brazen attack on Earth which killed many… including the family of a starship captain. That captain has waited a long time to enact revenge. Now, a Norway class starship has gone AWOL. The USS Chirikov, the closest vessel in the area, has been tasked with tracking down the errant starship and its CO. If they’re unsuccessful, it could lead to genocide and an all-out war between the Federation Alliance and the Typhon Pact!

The USS Chirikov can use a few good people, whether it’s long-term or just for one mission. Write for a Starfleet officer, a civilian, or be a guest star. If you’re over 15, are passingly familiar with the genre, enjoy creative writing and prefer a more structured sim (perfect for noobs) come check us out:
We currently have openings for a Chief Science Officer and a Chief Engineer.

Alamo Station

USS Bonaventure

The Bonaventure continues to venture into interesting scenarios. As we clean up the mess the Klingons made, we think back on the good times and bad and push forward, as the doctor and others make merriment on the ship via a mascaraed ball. Whatever shall happen?

Alamo Station

Alamo Station

…gets a new captain as it begins a transformation. Stay tuned!USS Nova

USS Nova

Docked until this winter hopefully.

USS Sunfire

USS Sunfire D

No News Yet!


USS Challenger

After Section 31 accosted the old captain and most of the senior staff and installed him as the new commander of the Challenger; Maress’Kaan has been scrambling to reorganize his ship, handing out a flurry of promotions to fill out his command structure. Though surrounded by inexperienced personnel, he has risked continuing the mission, not wanting to start out his career with a failure.

After a briefing to determine their course of action, Maress’Kaan commissioned Lt. Cmdr Matthew Allans to lead an away team, including the new intelligence officer, Ens. Karah, to construct the listening array on Tellus II, a Demon-class planet on the edge of the Romulan DMZ. As the away team sets foot planet side, the Challenger watches the stars, wary of any visitors that might show…


USS Indomitable

We were currently on the edge of the Typhon expanse at forward Logistics base 7261.
The crew was encouraged to take leave while we were docked.

Lt Commander Keith Tash was been promoted and now fills the XO slot.

We’ve received a briefing from our Chief Intel Officer.
We have three light cruisers and a fortified asteroid base.
We begin the hunt ASAP.
1) Launch the Recon wing and ready the Strike wing.
2) Prepare the Science Department for long range sensor sweeps.
3) Have the Marine Boarding parties start their ready action training immediately.
4) Have the Medical department prep Corpsmen and Combat Life-Savers.
5) Engineering and Operations I want us fast and stealthy.
Also prep the industrial replicators for breaching gear.

Chuck Norris

USS chuck norris

Current mission started by our XO: The crew of the Chuck Norris installs a cloaking device in violation of treaty for a secret mission… one that their Captain doesn’t even know about.


USS liberty B

Captain failed to provide any information


USS Malinche

Will be joining Star Base Prime this month.


USS rioja

“The history of our galaxy before things were as we know them…” He struggled to find a way to explain it. “The box suggests that our galaxy run’s in ‘cycles’ of 65,000 year’s and every ‘cycle’ ends with the crippling and genocide of intelligent life throughout all of the quadrant’s. The box contains a history of the last cycle… and tell’s us how it ended.” He paused and awaited the comment’s and questions that were to fired his way. — A snippet from the latest mission, things are going to get spooky. So jump in as we have many positions available including Chief engineer, Chief science officer and assistant Chief medical officer. Join us:)

Liberty Belle

USS Liberty Belle

With the planet secured and their next course of action planned, the Liberty Belle now awaits reinforcements for the Cardassian world of Loval, whilst also awaiting for their mysterious Alpha Jem’Hadar patient to awake and to tell them if there truly is a new Dominion threat…


Eridani Station

Thrilling end for the Eridani Station’s first mission: Dawnbreak. After going after a former intelligence officer that stole plans for a super weapon, the Eridani Station crew tracked him down deep into Gorn space, ready to sell it to the Typhon Pact. Not only the traitor was stopped but the crew destroyed the super weapons plans. They were losses and wounded, but it was the first round of the Silent War, which means there are more to come!

IKS Koloth

I.K.S. Koloth

Captain failed to provide any information


USS Spartan

Leaves the fleet this month, we wish them the best of luck.

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  • Dennis Archer, who plays Captain Devy’s Argent, is hereby promoted to the position of Task Force Commander for Task Force Bravo as Commodore Jay Dennison.
  • Peter Miller, who plays Commodore Kerry Malone will be taking on additional responsibilities as the Commandant of the Elite Starfleet Marine Corp as Major General Richard Sharpe. Good luck General!
  • Mason Storm, Commanding Officer of the USS Malinche, is reduced in rank to the rank of Captain consistent with his current duties as CO of the Malinche.
  • Commodore Ena Robi, Task Force Commander has stepped down to focus on her ship. We thank Commodore Robi for her service, and commend her for a job well done.
  • The Santiago Bay, an independent simm, is coming into Independence Fleet this month. The Santiago Bay is a unique simm giving people an opportunity to simm at a Federation Planetary Base. Santiago Bay is commanded by Colonel Zachary Aeyers, and will be a part of Task Force Delta. Welcome Colonel, and best of luck!
  • If your interested in sewing or crocheting, this may be just the thing for you! is teaming up with an organization that sends Christmas Stockings to Soldiers. If your interested in making some, this is your head start chance. You can find patterns at Sewing Get started and next month we will tell you where they go and all the other goodies!
  • The new USS Pokentia is launching in Independence Fleet under Captain Edwina Sheerwater. The Pokentia will be put into Task Force Alpha. Everyone please welcome the Pokentia and Captain Edwina Sheerwater to the fleet.
  • The USS Sanctuary is breaking off of Starbase Prime, and becoming it’s own simm this month. The Sanctuary will be our first Marine Corp simm, under the command of Colonel Steven Mayta Good luck Colonel!
  • The USS Spyglass is launching in Independence Fleet. The USS Spyglass will be put into Task Force Bravo. Everyone please welcome the Spyglass and her crew!
  • The following ships did not nominate any players for fleet awards this month.USS Patriot A, Alamo Station, USS Malinche C, USS Liberty B, USS Javelin
  • Important request for a fellow player: Hello everyone. My poor Loyal Service Dog and friend Jewels needs dental work soon. She has several broken tips on her canines and at least one is broken and has a huge cavity on it. I am Disabled and living on SSI since 1990. Jewels has not seen a Dr since she was spayed 8 years ago she turned 9 this February. She has a couple problems that need taken care of and I have no one to help. I am 10% into my goal for my Best Friend and Helper. This is a secure website. All you need is a debit or credit card. Once the donations reach $100.00 Gofundme will advertise my page free to hopefully get more donations. If just 45 people were to donate $10 the goal would be reached. You all have no idea how grateful I will be. Bless you All. And Thank You. Sincerely Christina Morris aka Oolan Solara

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Fleet Awards for July:

Genesis Post:

Comm Jericho Vin and Capt Ena Robi – USS Constellation

Best Post:

Captain Callon Roth & Lieutenant Commander Brul Unger & Lieutenant Commander Henry Tenricoun & Lieutenant JG T’Sara & Lieutenant JG Lanazir Sevim & Lieutenant JG Ptu Rem & Lieutenant JG Rohna Val & Lieutenant JG T’Sara & Lieutenant Tin Sel Granth & Major Matthew Hardman & Fourth Ter’atulan – USS Liberty Belle

Funniest Post:

Lieutenant JG Lanazir Sevim & Crewman First Class Talika Mohindra & Ensign Kudred & Ensign Ae’ron Emsare – USS Liberty Belle

Most Valuable Player: Lt. Oscar November – USS Archimedes

Most Improved Player: Dr Laria Jorel – USS Sunfire D

Rookie of the Month: Ensign Adrianna Patterson – NX Discovery

Most Posts: Commander McCray – 38 – USS Victory

Recruitment Award: Commander McCray  – USS Victory

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Trans Warp Book Club

You can find all of our previous and future book listings at TransWarp

Hosted by Admiral Joseph Carroll for 2012 announces its next set of books and its next host. We welcome Captain Ena Robi of the USS Constellation to host us in 2013. Now for more books from this year

Sept 2 – Sept 29 Voyager Spirit Walk Bk 1

Sept 30 – Oct 27 Voyager Spirit Walk Bk 2

Oct 28 – Nov 24 Star Trek: Titan Sword of Damocles

Nov 25 – Dec 22 DS9 Rising Son

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The Cage!/the-cage-6013966


Star Trek Card Game

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Special Thanks

A special thanks to each of you simmers who continue to make this fleet so wonderful!

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Some months are harder than others to remember why I started doing this in the first place. Almost two years ago now I was approached to join the relaunch of the USS Sunfire and recall now just how apprehensive I was and how much more so my wife was. She wanted to encourage my writing but not at the detriment of my family. So I took the job and created a quiet shuttle pilot who enjoyed going really fast by the name of Jenna Ramthorne.

Now Jenna had been through a lot, I just didn’t know it yet. As time progressed she opened up to the characters who she lived with, worked with and fell in love with. Jenna progressed through the ranks because her writer threw all that he had into her story, something I think many of us do. We lose ourselves in the story.

When we lose ourselves we sometimes lose the original focus as I have done. Jenna’s life, like my own, became a frustrating and convoluted mess, a chore and no longer fun. So now I, possibly like many of you are struggling to enjoy ourselves in the myriad of a good character driven story and all we seem to be able to do is blow things up.

This is precisely why we must take a step back, take a deep breath in and re-evaluate that which is most important. Refocus on that and the rest of the puzzle should fall into place, or fall apart. Either way it’s nothing unless you try.

Commodore Robert McHenry
Marketing Director

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One thought on “Newsletter for August 2012

  1. Well, thanks to our beloved Commander McCray, at least I know that the fleet is aware the USS Victory exists, even if it can’t remember to list us in the ‘newsbits’. Glad I got that blurb with a link to the ship and some artwork up in time for the newsletter as requested, or we might have been left behind with the ‘Captain failed to provide any information’ ships…