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Welcome to the
Independence Fleet Newsletter
for the month of July…

Each month brings with it new excitement and adventure and this month was no different. Check out your favorite ships below in the Newsbits, or check out a new ship and a new story for a new adventure.

Remember as always if you have news to recommend for the newsletter simply e-mail us at

The Admiral’s PADD

Fellow simmers, as I’ve mentioned in the past, growing pains were to be had. This last month we experienced some of those pains, and I am certain this will not be the last of them. From time to time there will be people who do not agree or like the way things are done. We, in the admiralty, pride ourselves on our ability to usually accommodate everyone. We spend a great deal of time trying to foster an open and accepting medium for players to enjoy, however, from time to time we will run into situations where someone feels slighted or just plain thinks they can do it better.

That is exactly what happened this month. Four members left Independence Fleet this month, because they were not capable of getting along in our group. BJ Reign and Lisa Krause of the USS Phoenix came into IDF asking for help. We accepted their sim, set them up, helped them recruit, and tried to accommodate them in anyway we could. Little did we know that BJ Reign, the XO of the Phoenix, had previously had “issues” with two other fleets and had multiple strikes against her from several Trek forums.  We soon found out when she turned her guns on our group.  When she felt slighted and did not get exactly what she thought she deserved, she libeled our group, slandered our administrative staff, and removed the Phoenix from our fleet. This was not enough for Ms. Reign, she took the simmers we recruited for her, deleted the contents of the sim from our servers, and when we responded by censuring her, she started viciously attacking us in public and private. Going so far as trying to have us shut down by our hosts.
A few days later, two of our long time members, Sakura Mahal and Tazendra Loken were charged with harassment of a simmer. Before the investigation was even complete, they had already made up their mind that they were through with Independence Fleet.  They too logged in and deleted user accounts, characters, welcome messages, images created for the Challenger.  They even went so far as to delete the user and character account of the simmer that had accused them of harassment.  Luckily, our backup policy prevented any loss of data, we restored the deleted information and moved on. In an effort to harm the fleet, these 4 individuals all teamed up and started viciously attacking us, going so far as to file Copyright Infringement claims against us, because we refused to delete their names from our wiki, and our ship rosters. To our CO’s, XO’s, and individuals that might someday take on a command role: Independence Fleet does not tolerate the deletion of information from our ships archives. Characters, Users, Posts, etc should NEVER be deleted for any reason. We keep these archives active forever, so that simmers later on down the line can always go back and see these posts and enjoy the story, even long after the ship is decommissioned.

Independence Fleet retained legal counsel, and worked with our ISP’s legal department to ensure compliance with the laws and as a result of our hard work, we were able to resolve the claims without any downtime to the fleet.   However, the situation is not yet over. BJ Reign has gone so far as to drag our former Commander in Chief through the mud in an attempt to further alienate our fleet. Jeremiah served as our Commander in Chief for 5 years before hiring me, during his tenure the fleet saw great growth, but ultimately fell into a stagnant pattern as a result of similar disputes with simmers who thought they could run a fleet better. Jeremiah led us out of the yahoogroups days of old and into our own hosted solution, that eventually evolved into Nova.  He retired 2 years ago, and outside of being the technical contact for our host, has not been involved in IDF. However, Ms. Reign, seeing that he was the technical contact for our domain, took to attacking him as well.

Folks, Independence Fleet is a place we come to have fun, to enjoy the game and to enjoy the realm that Gene Roddenberry so graciously shared with us.  Politics, drama, backstabbing and propaganda spreading is for another time and place, it will not be tolerated here in IDF. We support and promote an environment of easy going, relaxed and enjoyable roleplaying.  We, as a fleet, are here to provide a safe environment for every single person that wants to be a part of Star Trek Roleplaying. We have sims for every demographic, and we try to be the most accommodating group of people.  We do not discriminate, we do not exclude, and we do not tolerate any such action by any member of this fleet.

The four young ladies that left Independence Fleet are all phenomenal simmers, each with unique talents, and great potential. It is always disheartening for me, when I see that we were unable to work things out and come to an amicable resolution.  In each of their cases, we do sincerely wish them the best in all that they do in the future.  It is our sincerest hope that they find whatever they are looking for in whatever new groups they end up.

The most important thing to remember, for you as members, is that you have a voice in this fleet. If you do not agree with something, come to myself or to any of the other admirals and voice your concerns. If you have an idea, come to us and express it. If you feel slighted, make it known to us. As long as our conversations remain open, respectful and productive, we will all continue to make a better fleet for one another.   Our, [The Admiralty’s], doors are always open, and as long as we all keep those lines of communication open, the fleet will continue to flourish. Do not let the occasional growing pains, like we’ve seen this month discourage you.  They are normal, and somewhat expected. The fleet will persevere, just as we have for the past 11 years!

Happy Simming my friends!


Fleet Admiral AJ Wheeler
Commander in Chief
Independence Fleet

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USS Avalon

Captain Kerry Malone failed to provide any updates regarding this SIM.


USS Archimedes

Arriving at Narath the crew encounter a severe language barrier that hinders all efforts of an investigation; communications are rendered impossible and the sensor array throwing a fit.
Aboard a combined effort by Science, Operations, and Engineering has begun to conquer the linguistic barrier and return the ships sensors to a functioning state. Meanwhile Medical and Counselling both voice their opinions against Commander November’s away team selection.
Blind to the outside and trying to keep her crew together on the inside, how will the Archimedes possibly answer the call for help?


USS Constellation

We’re ready to start evacuating the yy’thall and begin treatment on the infected. A team is assembling an underwater shuttle unit. It’s a whole lot of treknobabble and twists as the Constellation orbits…


USS pioneer

The shuttle has arrived. Who was expected has not appeared, and an unexpected passenger disembarks.


USS washington

A new Mission has just started and we’re still looking for writers who want to help out and progress the storyline (within the bounds of CoC)


Starbase prime and uss sanctuary

Feel like writing about Star Trek and Dr Who in a Role Play Game? We Got Ya,


USS Patriot

A routine stopover for resupply at a distant outpost leaves the Patriot minus a command team as Commander Westlake is abducted, vanishing into thin air. With a shake up in the command structure, the team is short staffed and running on minimum clues. Who has taken the command team and what is their agenda. Further more can the Patriot find them before they end up as slaves to the lowest bidder or worse?

Come and join us today and discover together the clues which will lead to Commander Westlake’s assailant.


USS Chirikov

With the captain away on a diplomatic errand, the USS Chirikov delivers supplies to Gamma Kybari III (B’Len) and finds that the post-Dominion War Klingon occupation of the Cardassian colony has become problematic. Allegations of abuse and corruption have been made and the crew is caught in the middle. Meanwhile, Trill operatives plot to steal the Strayer symbionts.

The USS Chirikov can use a few good people, whether it’s long-term or just for one mission. Write for a Starfleet officer, a civilian, or be a guest star. If you’re over 15, are passingly familiar with the genre, enjoy creative writing and prefer a more structured sim (perfect for noobs) come check us out:
We currently have openings for a Chief Science Officer and a Chief Engineer.

 The next newsletter covers July-August, so here are the crew birthdays for July: Ayesha Kerr (Chief Carol Dolton) July 14th; Tyra Schroll (Dr. Larissa Canterbury) July 18th. They are mistakenly labeled on the May-June Newsletter as being in June. There are no crew birthdays in August.

Alamo Station

USS Bonaventure

New Mission: Operation: Risa – The crew of the Bonaventure are sent to Risa to have a few days on the pleasure planet, which is a fairly new member to the Federation. With so much going on, and such utter beauty abound, what sort of trouble will the crew find themselves in as they indulge?

USS Victory

USS Victory

All righty folks- it is official, we are up and running and we have ourselves a ship! Pay no attention to the paintjob, she’s still in transition, but the web address is solid and we are safe to move in. So if you will please transfer your character (you may update them if you like or age them or just talk to me about it and we will work on it) but long story short, we have a home… let’s get moved in.

We are a fresh and shiny new ship straight out of the shipyards, a ‘refit-era” Constitution-class starship. A senior staff with considerable and interesting past, mysteriously placed in command of a brand new starship, we are preparing to launch as our plotlines coalesce.

If you love the “Wrath of Khan” era of Trek, then come join us for one of the most exciting eras of exploration, adventure and excitement! We’ve senior and crew positions open for players who are looking for an interactive environment… some come slip on one of the coolest uniforms in Trek history, grab a phaser and let’s go see what’s out there!

Alamo Station

Alamo Station

Commodore Liam Archer failed to provide any updates regarding this SIM.

NX-04 Discovery

After a 2 and half year refit the NX-04 Discovery is rushed to completion to combat a threat forming on the border between the United Federation of Planets and the Kzinti Hegemony. Barely past the Earth-Romulan War the threat of a new war hangs over the newly formed Federation. Can the brave crew of the Discovery hope to stem the tide of war while still holding fast to the principles of exploration set before them?

USS Sunfire

USS Sunfire D

Waters of Coralee

Once home to a thriving populace, Nigelis IV had a history of decadent lifestyles and careless abandon. It’s population had no idea that Nigelis IV was slowly and inexorably in revolt. The main land was no longer pure and pristine as it had once had been. The water had long ceased to be fit for use in its natural form, now needing to be filtered and re-filtered to be able to make it potable. The atmosphere had lost its teal-blue luster, instead taking on the heavy gray-green hue of the mountains, not a bad color unless you knew what color it should be. And the land. The land could not sustain flora and fauna, its soil having long since given way to mounds of man-made, man-manipulated refuse which in turn leaked such highly toxic fluids that the soil had no mineral or bacteriological base any longer.

So now, the planet was revolting – quaking, shaking, blowing and inundating as its weather patterns hurled out of control. What remained of the population were divided into two groups, the half that struggled and toiled to survive on the land, and the rich who lived far out to sea on man-made islands made of dredged sand and concrete supported by a system of hydraulic tethers larger than many of the buildings the islands supported. Those who lived on the islands felt no quakes, smelled only the clean salty sea air and enjoyed the sunshine and shopping as they went about their lives, oblivious as to the problems not only around them, but also beneath their feet.

This mission, ongoing since April has been one of discovery and challenges as we attempt to aid a people divided for more than a century. While some have held true to morals and peace, others have led lives of a much darker nature. While it may seem you know from the start who is who, we are beginning to realize a sad truth. Everyone has a darkside.


USS Challenger

The Challanger can use hands in all departments, but she especially needs a Chief of Operations and a Chief Medical Officer.


USS Indomitable

The Big Indy has currently been sucked through a temporal vortex to Starbase Prime. The Pirate Hunting expedition is on hold for now. We are a ship out of time right now.
So far we’ve helped the USS Liberty keep itself from blowing up (supposedly).

Chuck Norris

USS chuck norris

Captain Dick Sprague failed to provide any updates regarding this SIM.


USS liberty B

The liberty is back from another time and is now in the middle of an odd battle. the crew scrambles to re take there drifting ship and during all of this the captain manages to blow up the enemy ship and get transported away. Now the XO becomes the CO and this may be one of the last updates for a good while. The ship will keep going but it will be under a new commanding officer.


 USS javelin

A new mission will be starting in a week or so. so stay tuned.


USS Malinche
The USS Malinche Is Currently In Need Of A Few Key Postions Or Else She Will Be Forced To Return To Spacedock : Chief Engineering Officer, Chief Tac/Sec Officer, Chief Operations Officer.


USS rioja

We need a Chief science officer and a chief engineer!

Liberty Belle

USS Liberty Belle

During a scientific summit – a peaceful overture made by Andorians from all sides of the cold war conflict – a terrorist attack turns all that is good, all that they have worked for, into a shambles, threatening to end all hope for a peaceful resolution with both sides accusing the other of foul play…


Eridani Station

Captain Mark Grayson II failed to provide any updates regarding this SIM.

IKS Koloth

I.K.S. Koloth

No News Yet!


USS Spartan

Captain Lonus sen’Telpherion failed to provide any updates regarding this SIM.

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Coming soon:  Reviews of Star Trek episodes complete with trivia, continuity analysis, mission seeds and even discussion questions!  Everyone is encouraged to participate!  The best comments will be shared on the bimonthly newsletter.  Hosted by Admiral Wakeland. Keep an eye out for this on teams up with authors and organizations throughout the year to help those who need it. Primarily we are a Star Trek role playing game, but today we are just a group of people who have joined with Author Danielle Raver to attempt to raise money for school clothes for 2 boys. Danielle had decided that all proceeds from her books, including fantasy novel Brother Betrayed, from now until Sunday night will go towards this cause. This is the first time any person has offered their entire proceeds to help someone we have adopted, and the fleet is truly humbled by such a gesture of good will. Those interested in helping, can help in 2 ways. 1. BUY A BOOK! This includes 2 kindle books and 1 paperback, so a little something for everyone! A second option, if buying all three of these doesn’t donate however much you want, after buying the books, feel free to visit and on the right hand side you will see a yellow DONATE button. If you have any trouble with donating please email THANKS! – Admiral Landon Wakeland


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Fleet Awards for July:

Genesis Post:

“A Completed Sentence” by Commodore William Morgan & Captain Caleb Virgil & Lieutenant Commander Brul Unger
Mission: Dominion
Location: USS Liberty Belle, Patrolling Cardassian Space
Timeline: 21st May 2389 (Six months after “Linearity”)

Best Post:

“Stepping into it, Before Getting Out” by Lieutenant Anthony Hightower V & Lieutenant JG Eglantine “Rose” Khagan & Ensign White Whisker To~Vensre
Mission: Waters of Coralee
Location: Mountain Ridge – Mainland


Funniest Post:

“Not without a puppy” by Captain Ena Robi & Ensign Fluorine Parker Ms.
Mission: Where is the poison? The battle of wits has begun.
Location: Captain’s office

Most Valuable Player:

Lieutenant JG Lanazir Sevim (USS Liberty Belle), for not only her hilarious posts, but also for being a good friend to the commanding officer, with great ideas, and for always being ready to jump in with mission plots, even going so far as to create an entire side-story set on a new space station, as well as helping to lead the posts investigating a terrorist attack at a summit hoping to reunite the Andorian peoples — not an easy task for any writer!

Most Improved Player:

James Griffith (Lt Ta’Suba M’Rowsh)

Rookie of the Month:

Lt jg Selune. Our resident helm officer and kitty has taken it upon herself to join in on whatever fun she could and really integrate herself into the ship and the stories. She shows a great deal of promise moving forward.

Most Posts:

Lt Cmdr Charybdis, 69 USS Bonaventure

Recruitment Award:

Lt Cmdr Charybdis, USS Bonaventure

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Trans Warp Book Club

You can find all of our previous and future book listings at TransWarp

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Incredible Abstract Star Trek Mr. Spock Word Mosaic Framed 9 X 11 Print Limited Edition!/incredible-abstract-star-trek-mr-spock–word–mosaic-framed-9-x-11-print-limited-edition-5303292


This is an art print image. It has a solid background color and is made entirely of words ONLY. Just the words STAR TREK and SPOCK make up the entire image. Even the very fine lines and what looks like shading are very small words. Super cool art piece. I am a graphic artist that has worked with athletes and celebrities for over 10 years. This is a tribute piece I did. I am offering just a few prints of it. Your print will arrive already framed and ready for display. It is about 9 X 11 inches and sticks out from the wall about an inch. The frame contains real glass. It will ship Priority US mail and usually I have it in the mail within 1 business day of purchase.

Star Trek Plates!/star-trek-plates-5299477


(2) Hamilton Collection Star Trek Plates – Made in USA – Limited EditionsI listed these plates as used because I do not have original packaging, but these plates have not been physically used


“The Best of Both Worlds’ by Keith Birdsong – Star Trek The Next Generations Plate Collection (yr 1994)Plate No. 1636FEdition Limited to 28 Firing Days8 1/4 DiameterRimmed with gold borderNo chips or scratches

“Star Trek IV “The Voyage Home” by Morgan – Collectors Plate (yr 1994)Plate No. 1600FEdition Limited to 28 Firing Days8 1/4 DiameterRimmed with gold borderNo chips or scratches

These plates are for display and not meant for food consumption from plate.

STAR TREK Galaxy Collection, 4 Action Figurines, New Unopened Packages!/star-trek-galaxy-collection-4-action-figurines-new-unopened-packages-5298645


4 STAR TREK Action Figurines New Unopened, In Packages ALL PHOTOS are what you will receive and the figures listed below are what is contained in this rare collectible set. Each figure includes various accessories and a piece of either the Bridge or Transporter playsets if fans wish to build those environments for more payability. These figures are scaled in the 3.75″ line and the size is scaled to playsets. SET OF 4 INCLUDES: Kirk Includes: Phaser, Utility Belt, Delta Insignia, and B9 Bridge chair and console Bonus U.S.S Enterprise Bridge Part B 9 Original Spock Includes: Interchangeable Vulvan salute hand & display stand, Bonus Transporter room part T4 Spock Includes: Phaser, Utility Belt, Delta Insignia, Vulcan greeting hand, BONUS B1 Bridge chair and console Nero Includes: Romulan Disrupter, Teral’n staff, Starfleet emblem display stand, Bonus T3 Transporter Room piece I try to describe as accurately as possible, but may have missed a detail you would like to know so ..Please ask questions Powered by eBay Turbo ListerThe free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.

Amazing Captain Kirk Star Trek Mosaic Art Print!/amazing-captain-kirk-star-trek-mosaic-art-print-5276098


This is a very cool mosaic. It is an image made up of 100s of smaller images. You will receive an 8.5X11 inch borderless art print of the original work. I am only releasing a very few of these signed and numbered directly from the artist. You will get a sined and numbered certificate of authenticity that matches this piece.
I make mosaics at
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Click on the item to see the incredible detail.

It will ship flat.

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Special Thanks

You. Yes. You. Thank you.

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Change. Everything changes. Change is not easy, ever. Change surrounds us, moves with us, is a part of us. Embrace change for the betterment of mankind or to the detriment of our souls. – Robert Darner

Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresea, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” –Life’s Little Instruction Book

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.” -Deepak Chopra

“Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.” -C.S. Lewis

Commodore Robert McHenry
Marketing Director

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