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Welcome to the
Independence Fleet Newsletter
for the month of June…

Before we forget, let us send out a couple of Happy Birthday’s!
Xavier Cross, XO, Starbase Prime
Lt Mackenzie Matthews, CSec, USS Avalon
Captain Zartog, CO, USS Pioneer
Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Commander Dr. Larissa Canterbury, USS Chirikov
Chief Warrant Officer Carol Dolton, Mission Operations Officer, USS Chirikov

* If you want to have your birthday added to the list, send a friends request to Admiral Wakeland by visiting

Remember as always if you have news to recommend for the newsletter simply e-mail us at

The Admiral’s PADD


Back in February I issued a challenge to the Captains, and one Captain stood out in his response. We were discussing how to incorporate a musical into a game, and this is what he came up with.   Cool green hills of Earth. A special thanks to Captain Zartog of the USS Pioneer.

This month has been filled with the ins and outs of any Fleet. We continue to grow, and we spent the last 30 days experiencing a few expected growing pains. We try very hard to avoid allowing the stress of managing a large fleet, along with a family, show in any way. But the time comes when every good man falls short in some regard. This happened with me recently and I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. The fleet remains stable, continues to grow, and continues to spread the much needed training throughout our command. It seems that the fleet grew beyond my expectations overnight, and I was not prepared to carry on to the next larger level.

One of the greatest fears we have in the Admiralty is any person ‘burning out’ and while I have never felt tired of the game nor of the people, I think I was starting to feel a bit worn down in the recent weeks. I forgot to take breaks from the administration of the fleet and to allow myself to just sit back and write.  Writing in the game is more than just fun for me; it’s a creative release along with being a therapeutic way for me to simply let go of basic daily frustrations. I forgot that. I think we all do sometimes though, so I don’t feel too bad about it, except to say I robbed myself of valuable ME time.

Anyways, not a lot to report fleet wide. A new ship or two joins us, but we aren’t at the point of announcing names and links just yet. That will be in next month’s issue. I remind everyone to check us out on or on Twitter @IndependenceFLT

Happy Simming
Admiral Wakeland

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USS Avalon

The Captain failed to submit update data for the USS Avalon.


USS Archimedes

The ship continues with its mission slowly.


USS Constellation

The Doc, XO, Counselor and Security Chief find themselves in a bind when the Doc gets arrested for illegal medical supplies. Meanwhile, the Engineer and new Ensign find themselves trying their best to work together separately. Finally, the Capt finds herself confronting demons in long scarves. All in this and more on the USS Constellation.


USS pioneer

Captain Zartog has just been informed by Starfleet that the ensign missing from Starbase 42 did not actually make it to Starbase 42, and must have never left the ship.

The Pioneer has dropped out of warp and is waiting for the shuttle, which has the XO, the Marine and assistant, the pilot, and the two errant ensigns, both of which are present, and neither of which are the missing ones.


USS washington

The Forge: The crew of the Washington travels to Vulcan for a conference, but trouble is abound when a group of rebels is found to have infiltrated the conference in hopes of assassinating several key ambassadors. Can the crew of the Washington discover the plot and foil the rebels in time?

Star Base Prime

Starbase prime and uss sanctuary

The USS Indomitable prepares to doc at Star Base Prime. They will be our first visitors, but to follow this storyline you will have to watch both games closely :) Check them out at

*We have no openings at this time. Please check out the USS Indomitable if you wish to play with SB Prime over the next month or so.



The Captain failed to provide a ship update.


USS Patriot

The USS Patriot docks at Station 54, a small trade facility hovering on the edge of chaos, in that small empty sector between Breen space and Federation territory. The station serves as a trade route outpost frequented often by the Ferengi. It is here the Patriot will rest and repair the ship while taking on some new recruits.

While docked, an unknown virus has taken hold of people on the station and may be spreading freely. There has also been an attempted assassination on the Commanders life.

Join us today to see what happens next, or to decide where we go for yourself.


USS Chirikov

With the captain away on a diplomatic errand, the USS Chirikov delivers supplies to Gamma Kybari III (B’Len) and finds that the post-Dominion War Klingon occupation of the Cardassian colony has become problematic. Allegations of abuse and corruption have been made and the crew is caught in the middle. Meanwhile, Trill operatives plot to steal the Strayer symbionts.

The USS Chirikov can use a few good people, whether it’s long-term or just for one mission. Write for a Starfleet officer, a civilian, or be a guest star. If you’re over 15, are passingly familiar with the genre and enjoy creative writing come check us out:

USS Bonaventure

USS Bonaventure

New Mission: Trade Routes – The Bonaventure is ordered to investigate the distress call of the SS Bombay, a cargo freighter that has been running equipment and personnel for the Federation to multiple outposts near the Orion border. Rumor has it that Nausican raiders have been hired on as additional muscle to push the Federation back from this frontier. What sort of trouble might the intrepid crew of the Bonaventure find as they investigate this issue?

USS Proxima

USS proxima

Welcome to the USS Proxima!

After an extensive 18 month refit, the USS Proxima is about to embark on the next phase of her journey. The new Refit-Constitution class ship is more advanced in every way than the standard Constitution class ships, but it is still a dangerous time for the Federation. The Klingons have rolled out their answer to this new starship with their K’Tinga class battle cruiser, and Romulans lurk behind asteroids shielded from our sensors by their cloaking devices. Proxima has been directed to take command as the lead ship in Crossroads Sector.
Operating primarily in the vicinity of the Federation, Klingon and Gorn borders, the Proxima now monitors the ever evolving situation in the Gorn Hegemony, as well as Imperial Klingon Empire. Ever ready to respond to trouble in either region, the Proxima now stands a constant vigil, in the hope that one day their presence will no longer be required.
The Proxima will always need men and women of honor, and integrity to maintain their vigil. Will you join this noble crew?

Alamo Station

Alamo Station

GAME DAY approaches! The station is abuzz with excitement over the Wadi (game obsessed race in the Gamma Quadrant) asking the Federation to host their biggest holiday which includes an interstellar star ship race. The prize, a peek at Wadi Chula technology more than one government would kill to see! The Dominion, Federation, Romulan and Cardassians have already entered ships and now it is up the the crew of Alamo Station to make sure the race does not turn into another war.

USS Nova

USS Nova

The USS Nova has gone into dry dock due to a lack of interest by its players. We hope to see the ship return this winter if possible.

Nibiru Station

nibiru station

Welcome to the Nibiru Station!  Nibiru Station is a Nor class space station in orbit of the once lush M-Class planet Nyrruh located in the Inferna Sector midway point between Beta Veldana (Betazed) and Sol (Earth), as well as the midway point between the Cardassian Empire (what’s left of it anyway) and the Klingon Empire. It’s mission is to aid in stabilizing the planet below after a series of natural disasters have shaken it’s society to it’s very core. This mission is aided by the trade route that goes through the sector bringing new life and new business.

However all is not well. With a near constant threat of more disasters the planet is uneasy and with the new traffic through the system crime is on the rise.
Nibiru Station is a forum based Roll Playing Simulation game set in the world of Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry.

Events aboard Nibiru Station take place in the year 2388, approximately 10 years after the events that took place in Star Trek: Nemesis and only a year after the massive supernova that destroyed the Romulan Star Empire.
Our focus is on the characters and how they fit in the story, from the day to day to the extreme moments when the heat is on.
We encourage people to take on the roles of multiple characters, but it is not required.

USS Sunfire

USS Sunfire D

Waters of Coralee – Once home to a thriving populace, Nigelis IV had a history of decadent lifestyles and careless abandon. It’s population had no idea that Nigelis IV was slowly and inexorably in revolt. The main land was no longer pure and pristine as it had once had been. The water had long ceased to be fit for use in its natural form, now needing to be filtered and re-filtered to be able to make it potable. The atmosphere had lost its teal-blue luster, instead taking on the heavy gray-green hue of the mountains, not a bad color unless you knew what color it should be. And the land. The land could not sustain flora and fauna, its soil having long since given way to mounds of man-made, man-manipulated refuse which in turn leaked such highly toxic fluids that the soil had no mineral or bacteriological base any longer.

So now, the planet was revolting – quaking, shaking, blowing and inundating as its weather patterns hurled out of control. What remained of the population were divided into two groups, the half that struggled and toiled to survive on the land, and the rich who lived far out to sea on man-made islands made of dredged sand and concrete supported by a system of hydraulic tethers larger than many of the buildings the islands supported. Those who lived on the islands felt no quakes, smelled only the clean salty sea air and enjoyed the sunshine and shopping as they went about their lives, oblivious as to the problems not only around them, but also beneath their feet


USS Challenger

We’ve had two players on LOA and two with no internet for awhile, so four of members were inactive for quite some time. Therefore, there are currently no updates for the ship. However, everything is back up and running so expect an update in another week or two!


USS Indomitable

We’re recruiting! Click the image above!
Chuck Norris

USS chuck norris

And our new mission, “Not Where I Belong,” has begun!

The Chuck Norris is assigned to investigate an anomaly on the planet Varek 3, where the culture is about to develop warp drive. As the Chuck Norris leaves Space Dock, however, the crew mysterious switches places with each other, unbeknownst to everyone except for the new Chief Engineer.


USS liberty B

The USS Liberty has been destroyed and the crew is stranded on a mostly water planet. The crew has started a mutiny against the fair captain and have put there XO in command locking up the captain as they survive and wait for rescue. Join the fun.

USS Malinche

The Malinche Is Still On Its “Maiden Voyage” mission. Its very slow going at the moment. It maybe placed on hold and return to dock.


USS rioja

The Captain has retaken command as of this date and things are running smoothly, the new mission has begun; A Cardassian ship made it’s way through federation defences and was destroyed mysteriously leaving nothing but a Cardassian survivor and a Bajoran artefact.

Liberty Belle

USS Liberty Belle

It is with great happiness that I bid welcome to yet another new player to the Liberty Belle, in a more unique – but nevertheless essential – position on board.

Playing a darker character with a grimmer past (which fits in rather well with many of our current characters!) will be Wai Kiat as the ship’s chief of the boat and master-at-arms, Master Chief Petty Officer Liu Ming, with a back story that ties perfectly into the timeline of Task Force Omega, chock-a-block with survivor’s guilt from the Borg Invasion and relevant experiences following that dark time in the Federation’s history.

Please give Wai Kiat a warm welcome, but Chief Ming will be joining the crew during the next mission, when the crew becomes embroiled in a new Dominion plot. In the meantime, Wai Kiat is happy to have Ming do some back posts, particularly with plots pertaining to the Andorian Schism and other cold war themes.


Captain Caleb Virgil


Eridani Station

The Station Eridani needs you! Join the world conspiracies and espionage in the Star Trek Universe:

We’re currently in need:

Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
Infiltration Specialist
Investigative Profiling Officer/Counselor
Deputy Head of Security/Team XO
Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Project Lead Researcher/Chief Engineer
Chief Medical Officer
Diplomatic Officer
Klingon Imperial Intelligence Liaison
Marine CO/Alpha Squad Leader
Marine Wing Commander.

As you notice, there are several opportunities for complex and darker characters.

IKS Koloth

I.K.S. Koloth

No news is bad news…Eridani

USS Spartan

Welcome to the USS Spartan, a ship with a long history and an incredible tale…

Spartan’s journey began decades ago in a galaxy very much like the one he, and his crew, find themselves in now. It’s just not the same reality you see and therein lays the rub.

Spartan’s path began as an NX-class Nautilus spaceframe with an experimental AI in the late 2360′s. His journey and that of the crew spanned three different service groups, four fleets and forty years as he and his crew hopped from one spaceframe to another.

Spartan fought wars, saved worlds, deposed despotic rulers and ferried dignitaries to highly secret locations for discussions that were so far beyond normal clearance it might as well have been down a singularity. Spartan was central in expanding the membership of the Alliance (his reality’s version of the Khittomer Accords Allies), adding to the roster of worlds the Romulan Republic, the Rihan Convergence, the Cardassian Union, the Ferengi Alliance, the Q’lrn Unity, the Consensus, the Klingon Imperium, the Sinari and the Ico.

Spartan hosted some of the most decorated officers in all of Starfleet and the most dedicated and when a new threat, the Anazi attacked, Spartan led the way into the fight. In five years of brutal war the Anazi and their Syndicate allies nearly wiped out the Alliance. Spartan and his crew stood fast and fought back against a foe that blew away lesser crews as so much dust before a squall. In the end the Anazi mysteriously vanished, leaving their allies to fall before the combined might of Spartan and the Alliance. Though victorious, the Alliance suffered a heavy cost.

The aftermath of the Anazi War left the Alliance held together with wishes and the strings of friendship and mutual need. Each species and civilization brought forward the best skills of its people to help repair the damage wrought by the amazingly ruthless and devastating Anazi.

For nearly twenty more years, the crew of the Spartan worked tirelessly to rebuild their civilization while Spartan and other powerful Interdiction Cruisers sat inactive in mothball fleets, since there weren’t enough resources to maintain them. Spartan slept in the cold darkness of space, dreaming of the day he’d fly again.

When that day came, nothing went as planned.

A new crew arrived to launch the new “Outward Project,” a bold endeavor by the still battered Core Worlds to make contact with colonies and outposts lost behind the Anazi line during the war. The children of Spartan’s original crew and some of their youngest relatives came to shake Spartan awake and found… well, not exactly what they were expecting.

At some point, when Spartan was being shut down, the Unity and the Federation had pooled resources and implanted Spartan’s worn and damaged spaceframe with organic components such as their living ships, the Vitaki, were made from. Spartan was now cybernetic, partially organic and alive, partially inorganic and nonliving. And what they found in place of a normal Starfleet computer core was instead… a massive biocrystalline core, a living brain, of a Vitaki.

And this new hybrid ship was asleep and quite comfortably so.

Eventually Spartan’s new crew shook him awake and he met his new captain. They formed a rapport but before they could get underway the real troubles began, with sabotage as they prepared to depart, then a mine that had been hidden and was inaccessible where it was, and then the original NX-Spartan Nautilus class was used to attack them. They fled, the mine was handled in a desperate maneuver involving transporters as an Imperium ship got in the way of the NX and took it out by sacrificing itself.

Spartan, in his first jump in two-and-a-half decades, blew out a whole deck and several sections along one side as his matter buffers imploded, ripping open a hole into subspace through which they plummeted.

After many harrowing misadventures across a variety of sidereal realities, Spartan found a new “home”, one that he and his crew were closely modulated to and one that while several decades less advanced then they were, it was still remarkably similar to the universe they left behind.

Spartan and his crew now rest in the David Mack version of the Destiny novels and the Typhon Pact circa 2380. We begin in this timeline and follow significant events in the series closely while allowing for original content. Spartan is an advanced ship designed primarily for combat and intelligence. His technology, while organic and strange to this timeline is familiar enough that Starfleet from any era can pick up his systems quickly. Spartan is currently looking for crew who are willing to make a new home, a crew that sometimes does bad things to do the right thing and a crew that isn’t normal under any circumstances. If you feel up for a creative challenge set in an original and dynamic setting staged in the Star Trek universe, then apply today.

Find Spartan at

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Will Catwoman please report to the parking lot, you’ve left your lights on.

Welcome to the USS Phoenix! – IDFs newest addition

Nebula Class
Welcome to the USS Phoenix! The year is 2401. We’re a Nebula Class cruiser/explorer and we’ve been given two missions- enter into uncharted territories and scope them out and perform rescue missions and planetary colonization. With our new transwarp drive, the Federation is able to colonize further out than ever thought possible. Do you have what it takes to be a great explorer? If you do, join today, we can’t do it without you!

We are an 18+ Star Trek simulation that is played by web/email
We are currently seeking all positions except Command.
Department heads starting rank is Lieutenant and we promote based on activity during missions.

At 12:32 pm EST, on July 18, 2012, Liam Patrick Carroll came into the world. He is 9 lbs 9 oz, 21 in long, with a 15 in head. We send our biggest CONGRATULATIONS to Admiral Joseph Carroll

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Fleet Awards for June:

No ImageGenesis Post: Not where I belong -

by Captain Dick Sprague



Best Post: Breakfast Battle -

by Lieutenant Fiona McCray & Lieutenant Commander Charybdis & Lieutenant Yuna Celes

No Image

Funniest Post: Comedy of Errors –

by Captain Patrick O’Connor & Lieutenant Commander Charybdis



Most Valuable Player: Lt Charybdis – USS Bonaventure



Most Improved Player: Lieutenant Humaira Syed – USS Sunfire D



Rookie of the Month: Lieutenant JG Lanazir “Zira” Sevim – USS Liberty Belle




    Most Posts: Lt Charybdis, 66 – USS Bonaventure

Recruitment Award: Lt Charybdis, 2 – USS Bonaventure

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Star Trek Deep Space Nine #1-6 (Malibu Comics 1993-96) NM!!!/star-trek-deep-space-nine-1-6-malibu-comics-1993-96-nm-4703078


Star Trek Deep Space Nine #1-6From Malibu Comics of 1993..Comics are in NM condition, poly bagged with white backer boards..Will be packaged with extreme care and fast $0.99 priority shipping..Free tracking and confirmation..

1999 Franklin Mint Star Trek Talking Collector Plate!/1999-franklin-mint-star-trek-talking-collector-plate-rare-4672387


1999 Franklin Mint Star Trek Talking Collector Plate. Take a look at the pictures to see the exact item you will receive.

Star Trek Square Tin Tote, Multicolored!/star-trek-square-tin-tote-multicolored-4659937

  • Perfect gift for Star Trek fans
  • Great for storing and toting schools supplies, CDs, snacks, and much more
  • Bold, colorful image design
  • Molded plastic handle
  • Metal latch closure

1999 Hallmark “Star Trek” U.S.S. Enterprise Ornament!!/1999-hallmark-star-trek-uss-enterprise-ornament-4642214


Selling this 1999 Hallmark STAR TREK “U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701″ Stamp ornament! It still sealed in box, mint condition! Free Shipping!

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Trans Warp Book Club

You can find all of our previous and future book listings at TransWarp

Everyone is welcome to join us, it does not matter what Fleet you play in, or if you play in one at all.

Vice Admiral Joseph Carroll
Independence Fleet Inspector General
TransWarpIDF Administrator

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Special Thanks

This month I want to join together in thanking Dennis Archer for hosting the roast of our CNC, Admiral Wheeler. Not only did he take a commanding role in gathering ammunition to bring the Chief Admiral down a notch, but he also was more than capable when it came to dealing with the fallout of hurt feelings and scarred friendships.

Also thank you to Robert Aaron for once again staying on top of ships’ Captains to ensure that we have up to date and valid information in regards to each and every ship within our mighty fleet.

And this month we want to thank Yardseller for the opportunity to get the word out for our sim. They have offered a trade off, we run a few Star Trek related listings in the newsletter and they run our newsletter for their members to see. Nice trade off if you ask me.

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From Happy Birthdays to selling stuff on Yardseller, this month’s newsletter was packed full of goodies. Every month we join together as friends and fellow writers to create stories that can stretch the imagination or provide a release from our regular lives. Whatever the reason you are part of the team, I call you brother, sister, friend and I am glad you are a part of the story.

Keep writing and keep promoting your ship. Fill them with new writers, new characters and guide them through the cycle that is the writing experience. Teach them to be better writers so that they can teach the next generation and may we hope that we never forget how to tell a good story.

Commodore Robert McHenry

Marketing Director

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