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Welcome to the
Independence Fleet Newsletter
for the month of May…


May was a rough month for the crew of the USS Archimedes, the Captains of the fleet, and the Admirals who work with these Captains every day. Fleet Admiral Wheeler and I have kept Chris’ family, including Brandon, and his shipmates in our prayers as we all struggle to find our footing.

July 4th 2012 marks 11 years of service for Independence Fleet. Anyone who wishes to send large dollar amounts for absolutely no reason may contact Vice Admiral Wakeland.

Remember as always if you have news to recommend for the newsletter simply e-mail us at

The Admiral’s PADD

From the desk of Vice Admiral Wakeland

As some of you may already be aware, Independence Fleet has suffered a great loss recently. Captain Noah Mitchell, whose real name is Chris, passed away. While trying to work out what I would write for this month’s Admiral’s PADD, my attention kept being drawn toward the different trees around me. I was vaguely annoyed with myself, because obviously that was not where my attention needed to be. It took me about five minutes to connect the dots, and when I did, I was able to liken these trees to our games. You see, all of our games start out small, and most of the games outlive us all, though usually due to retirement, sometimes not. It is never an easy task to say goodbye to a friend, but we take some comfort in the fact that the USS Archimedes is a strong, healthy game that will live on for many more years in honor of its fallen Captain. Any person who wishes to express their condolences may do so via Facebook at for those of you without Facebook, you may email your comments to (be sure to sign your email with your character Name, Rank, and Ship) and I will post your comments.

Per order of Fleet Admiral Wheeler, the USS Archimedes shall forever serve in honor of Captain Noah Mitchell. In addition Captain Mitchell is hereby awarded the Independence Fleet Distinguished Service Medal for his dedication to the fleet and his sim. The Captains of the fleet have all come together as well, and they extend their full resources to every player on the Archimedes. A special Memorial is being planned to Honor Captain Mitchell at the 11 year anniversary of the fleet, which will take place July 4th.

This brings me to our celebration on July 4th. A Special Announcement will go out towards the end of this month laying out our online events. At this time I know that this includes a special memorial, a Roast of Fleet Admiral AJ Wheeler (who will luckily not be available online during the celebrations, thus I am in charge) I have extended the full protection of my office to every person who chooses to poke fun at our Fleet Admiral. Should you wish to have your jokes included, or to participate in person, please email Our Roast Master this year is Captain Devys Argent of the USS Chirikov.

A final note here from the Admiral’s Padd. Life is far shorter than you realize. 20 years or 80, it doesn’t matter. As members of Starfleet we should always hold ourselves to a higher standard. The SIMs are about far more than being a good writer or a great leader. It’s about being the man or woman of honor that we hold so dear. Our characters are our alter egos, but every time we sit down to SIM we should take the chance to remind ourselves of the many lessons we can learn from Star Trek. Respect every sentient life form, assist every sentient life form, and make the decisions that benefit the many. These standards allow us all to see past Gay/Straight, Liberal/Conservative, Friend or Enemy. To be a person of Honor is one of the greatest complements I can think of.

 In Honor of Captain Noah Mitchell
Vice Admiral Landon Wakeland
Chief of Fleet Operations
Independence Fleet

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USS Avalon

The Most Dangerous of Games - The USS Avalon is dispatched to investigate a planet in the Baloran sector, which has been tasked for a covert investigation of the world’s progress. The Planet, Balon Prime, had been visited eighty years previously by the USS Coleman – who reported no significant signs of civilisation.
However, a recent survey mission has reported significant change to the civilisation level of Balon Prime, and the USS Avalon has been tasked with the job of discovering what.


USS Archimedes

The Compound Cascade is a vast area of unexplored space perfect for any Starfleet explorer. With the unexplored comes the unknown but the USS Archimedes is up for anything that is thrown at her.

Narath is a small Class O planet that is completely covered in oceans. Deep below the surface lies a sprawling city known as Salac, home to the Narathians. For more than a millennia their society has been one that has thrived and prospered but now something has gone terribly wrong. Their oceans are dying and so are the Narathians. With very little hope, they reach out in hopes someone, somewhere will help them. However, things are not what they seem and the small water world is caught in the middle!

A distress call…
A underwater city…
A dying race…
A double cross…
All in a days work for the crew of the Archimedes!


USS Constellation

After the last mission involving the diabolical Iago Don’John and the near destruction of the Constellation, Captain Robi formed two away teams… one to fly down to a nearby planetoid to recover dilithium deposits we need to power our ship (which is being repaired but is still not at 100%) and another away team to fly to a nearby trading post to gather supplies.
While this is happening, a helpful alien docks within the Constellation and provides Captain Robi with some insight into this sector of space. The alien also provides medical information and information in Astrometrics. He warns of a race called the Yuan, which are pirates and cohorts of the Shakespearean race who control most of this part of the galaxy.
Away Team One consists of Lieutenant Jericho Vin and Ensign Ssslaness, the new Gorn engineer. Lieutenant Schenn was originally assigned to this away team but was replaced by Ssslaness, so that Schenn could do a spacewalk to recover one of the extra shuttles. Jericho’s away team is in the shuttle Dantzig and has just landed on the surface, finding a old settlement in ruins.
Away Team Two consists of Commander Ocett, Lt.Commander T’Sera, Lieutenant Patterson and Doctor Sage. They arrived at the trading post and began to look around, but were shortly thereafter informed of a parking meter violation regarding the shuttle. Ocett and Sage return to the docking port to discover that their shuttle, Smoot, has been impounded by the Docking Authority, and that also a secondary safety inspection will occur lasting four or five hours due to a previous terrorist attack that made them increase security. Upon the Docking Authority’s search they discover Sage’s medical supplies and question him. Sage smarts off the the cop, who arrests him and tells Ocett he can bail him out at a later time.
On the bridge, Lieutenant Schenn is back from his spacewalk and has the watch, when he and Melvin Smiley discover a pack of Yuan pirate marauders on long range sensors proceeding very slowly in their direction, with an ETA of about 26 hours. Ena then returns to the bridge to take a transmission from someone she knows as Cole.


USS pioneer

Raw Materials: A group of 75 colonists must be transported from Starbase 42 to their destination planet Grzywacz III, on the far Rimward edge of Federation space, several weeks out. They are opposed to replicator technology, and choose to maintain a fabrication culture. This includes objects as well as food supplies. They have extensive physical equipment and supplies for this fabrication technology, which includes some pretty sophisticated equipment.

They are fairly defensive about their philosophies, and not afraid to confront skeptics.

The colonists are a specialized group of technicians, and they and their supplies will be supplementing a colony already in existence. Join us on our adventures today!


USS washington

The Forge: The crew of the Washington travels to Vulcan for a conference, but trouble is abound when a group of rebels is found to have infiltrated the conference in hopes of assassinating several key ambassadors. Can the crew of the Washington discover the plot and foil the rebels in time?


Starbase prime and uss sanctuary

The crew is going through their everyday duties when an experimental ship of the Interceptor class is stolen from Starbase’s Yards by a group of Maquis. To facilitate their escape the group has blown up one of the ships as a diversion, resulting in a large amount of casualties, so Starfleet and Starbase Primes’s commanding officer Captain Hathaway is determined to apprehend the ones responsible.

The Maquis however escape without much of a fight and have set course for the Klingon border. From there the actual chase begins as the USS Sanctuary under the command of Captain Archer sets out in a hurry to intercept the stolen ship into the deep unexplored regions of the Typhon Expanse. However what they didn’t expect was that their journey would take them across the galaxy into the edges of the Delta Quadrant.



Star Trek: Avalon is coming along quite nicely. I almost have a full crew compliment. All I need now is an FCO, SOO and a Counselor. We are just about to get underway with our shakdown and after that we will be on our way out of the Sol System.

Will the Avalon be blown up before she starts her first mission? Join to find out.


USS Patriot

The USS Patriot A docks at Station 54, a small trade facility hovering on the edge of chaos, in that small empty sector between Breen space and Federation territory. The station serves as a trade route outpost frequented often by the Ferengi. It is here the Patriot will rest and repair the ship while taking on some new recruits. During this time of character development we have already experienced an assassination attempt and a viral outbreak of some sort.

Well done ladies and gentlemen of the Patriot. We are off to nice trot this month and things are about to become interesting. While there are two character development story lines unfolding, at the end of June one will victoriously send us into our next mission. It would be wise to get your CD stories in soon. I would like to thank Admiral Wakeland for providing his pussy and something to talk about when nothing else was available. We are always looking for more writiers willing to make the story more interesting. If you want to be a part of the story then visit us and join up today.


USS Chirikov

Current Mission: “Of Builders, Beggars and Brigands” – The USS Chirikov, assigned Cardassian liaison Dr. Cila Rennoc, delivers supplies to Gamma Kybari III (B’Len) and finds that the Klingon occupation of the Cardassian colony has become problematic. Allegations of abuse and corruption have been made and the crew is caught in the middle. Meanwhile, Trill operatives plot to steal the Strayer symbionts.

The USS Chirikov is a gold-level role play SIM based in the Star Trek universe and set in year 2388 (a year after the events described by Ambassador Spock in his mind-meld recap occur). We follow the Destiny trilogy and Typhon Pact series timeline.

I am Captain Devys Argent, Commanding Officer. The Chirikov is accepting new crew members. Take a look around the website and if you like what you see, why not join us? We would love to welcome you aboard! Apply now!

Captain Devys Argent
Commanding Officer
USS Chirikov NCC-80032

Alamo Station

uss bonaventure

A not so simple Cruise - The Bonaventure, under command of a new CO and with a new crew, leaves starbase and starts its mission, getting off to an easy start with a supply drop and status check on a Federation colony. But nothing is as it seems, and something lurks in the shadows.

Alamo Station

USS proxima

Welcome to the USS Proxima!

After an extensive 18 month refit, the USS Proxima is about to embark on the next phase of her journey. The new Refit-Constitution class ship is more advanced in every way than the standard Constitution class ships, but it is still a dangerous time for the Federation. The Klingons have rolled out their answer to this new starship with their K’Tinga class battle cruiser, and Romulans lurk behind asteroids shielded from our sensors by their cloaking devices. Proxima has been directed to take command as the lead ship in Crossroads Sector.
Operating primarily in the vicinity of the Federation, Klingon and Gorn borders, the Proxima now monitors the ever evolving situation in the Gorn Hegemony, as well as Imperial Klingon Empire. Ever ready to respond to trouble in either region, the Proxima now stands a constant vigil, in the hope that one day their presence will no longer be required.
The Proxima will always need men and women of honor, and integrity to maintain their vigil. Will you join this noble crew?

Alamo Station

Alamo Station

We on Starbase 820 are participants in a roleplaying sim (simulation) played on-line. The setting is based on the Star Trek Universe years after the end of the Dominion War, the events of Star Trek Nemesis, Gamma Quadrant 4 part book series and the disappearance of Ambassador Spock. Our sim takes place in a unique setting aboard a space station in the Gamma Quadrant a few systems away from the Bajoran Wormhole and DS9. The outpost itself was used as a Dominion Refueling Depot acting as a staging area for the invasion force entering the Alpha Quadrant during the Dominion War but has been converted into a mecca of commerce following their surrender. The station was gifted to the Federation by the Founders as a gesture of good will and in an attempt, no doubt, to focus the inevitable influx of exploration and colonization away from Dominion interests. Thus was born Starbase 820…affectionately called “Alamo Station” by its new crew. Let’s hope we can make a better fate for ourselves than the defenders of its namesake did.

What Are We Going To Do Without a Viewscreen?: Episode 9

Nobody said life on a space station in the Gamma Quadrant was going to be easy but when the Vorta representative of the Dominion shows up with his Jem’Hedar bodyguards to officially welcome the Federation, things take an interesting turn.
USS Nova

USS Nova

La USS Nova se prepara para hacer su vuelo inaugural. Una fina cerveza Andoriana se estrella contra su fuselaje, en víspera de su despegue y es nombrada ‘La Joya de la Federación’, por Geordy La Forge; quien ayudó a modificar y mejorar la nave.

USS Nova

nibiru station

Welcome to the Nibiru Station!  Nibiru Station is a Nor class space station in orbit of the once lush M-Class planet Nyrruh located in the Inferna Sector midway point between Beta Veldana (Betazed) and Sol (Earth), as well as the midway point between the Cardassian Empire (what’s left of it anyway) and the Klingon Empire. It’s mission is to aid in stabilizing the planet below after a series of natural disasters have shaken it’s society to it’s very core. This mission is aided by the trade route that goes through the sector bringing new life and new business.

However all is not well. With a near constant threat of more disasters the planet is uneasy and with the new traffic through the system crime is on the rise.
Nibiru Station is a forum based Roll Playing Simulation game set in the world of Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry.
Events aboard Nibiru Station take place in the year 2388, approximately 10 years after the events that took place in Star Trek: Nemesis and only a year after the massive supernova that destroyed the Romulan Star Empire.
Our focus is on the characters and how they fit in the story, from the day to day to the extreme moments when the heat is on.
We encourage people to take on the roles of multiple characters, but it is not required.

USS Sunfire

USS Sunfire

Waters of Coralee - Once home to a thriving populace, Nigelis IV had a history of decadent lifestyles and careless abandon. It’s population had no idea that Nigelis IV was slowly and inexorably in revolt. The main land was no longer pure and pristine as it had once had been. The water had long ceased to be fit for use in its natural form, now needing to be filtered and re-filtered to be able to make it potable. The atmosphere had lost its teal-blue luster, instead taking on the heavy gray-green hue of the mountains, not a bad color unless you knew what color it should be. And the land. The land could not sustain flora and fauna, its soil having long since given way to mounds of man-made, man-manipulated refuse which in turn leaked such highly toxic fluids that the soil had no mineral or bacteriological base any longer.

So now, the planet was revolting – quaking, shaking, blowing and inundating as its weather patterns hurled out of control. What remained of the population were divided into two groups, the half that struggled and toiled to survive on the land, and the rich who lived far out to sea on man-made islands made of dredged sand and concrete supported by a system of hydraulic tethers larger than many of the buildings the islands supported. Those who lived on the islands felt no quakes, smelled only the clean salty sea air and enjoyed the sunshine and shopping as they went about their lives, oblivious as to the problems not only around them, but also beneath their feet.


USS Challenger

Vulvan Virus - While constructing an array on an uninhabited planet near the neutral zone, the Challenger crew accidentally beams aboard a viral agent specific to Vulcan DNA only. 10% of the crew soon become incapacitated, including the conn officer, the second officer, and the captain. Will the EMH find a vaccine for this interesting disease, or are all Vulcans on the Challenger destined to die?


USS Indomitable

Detached Operations-Pirate Hunting

Pirate Hunting … In and around the Thyphon Expanse.

In Character we are the leading edge of the blade.
We are a Forward Positioning Platform for both
Conventional Aerospace and Non-Conventional Ground Assets.

Out of character we are a net home for Star Trek fans from all over the world to interact with each other over the internet. We are a group of friends. WE leave race, politics, religion, sexuality, and ALL other markers for superiority at the /door/ (or in our case … the other side of the video screen). We are gathered here for fun and in a spirit of camaraderie.

Chuck Norris

USS chuck norris

Strange Communique: The crew of the Chuck Norris is assigned to investigate unauthorized transmissions from Starbase 10 to Romulus.


USS liberty

The crew is stranded on a planet after the liberty was destroyed. The docking station is in hiding near the solar systems sun to protect its self from detection and monitor the situation. until the h’shorie stop patrolling there region of space as often the station will stay in hiding leaving the liberty crew stranded on a mostly watery world.


USS Javelin

After a completed mission the USS Javelin was ordered back to Starbase. Her current mission considered finished and arrival to receive new crew and new orders. The Javelin has seen some hard times and even harder luck But all that is about to change. Upon being ordered back to the starbase a surprised new captain is not only given his first command but given a new ship.

The fleet has decided to re-purpose the Javelin under a different name and recalled immediately to mars ship yards. The new captain thinking that would be his mission became even more surprised to find out that he would be taking command of a new ship one of the best ships in the fleet.

We are to await orders for the first mission of the USS Javelin-A while we take some time to greet our new crew and get comfortable with the ship before beginning another mission.


USS Malinche

Greetings, I am Vice Admiral Mason Storm CO of this fine new vessel the USS Malinche-C. The Malinche is a new ship recently commissioned by Starfleet for long range tactical and deep space assignments. We have a highly organized and trained staff standing by to assist you for and with ever you need while you enjoy your stay with us. Ready to join, well then come on board and join us today!!!!

Maiden Yoyage - The USS Kyko was sent to investigate the possible development of a new wormhole in the aboma system which until recently began to let out unusual forms of high neutrino surges. When it failed to report in a week ago Starfleet sends the Malinche and her crew to investigate.


USS rioja

You are now on board the U.S.S Rioja under the command of Captain Luke Patterson. This Intrepid class star ship is equipped for deep space missions and can handle herself finely in combat! Join up we are accepting all positions based on your application. We focus on all aspects of ‘simming’ from combat and exploration to personal and relationship based posts. All link in to the main mission.

Just another day on the U.S.S Rioja…

Liberty Belle

USS Liberty Belle

One of the few sims to incorporate the Destiny and Typhon Pact timelines! See our own timeline here!

Linearity - EPISODE FOUR

Upon detecting a bizarre temporal anomaly in an inhospitable sector of space, the Liberty Belle and her crew find themselves and their lives shattered into an infinite number of separate shards, and are forced to experience and live out a million different realities, of what might have been, what could be, and what might still be…

Schism - The Andorian Civil War, the Imperial-Confederate War, the Andorian Schism, the Tholian Plot… The events that led up, surrounded and were born out of the splitting of the former Andorian Empire go by many names, and stir many thoughts and feelings from countless millions across the quadrants, but all can agree on one simple point: it is not something that can be ignored.

So if you’re looking for brawls with blue-blood shen, zhen, thaan, or chaan, then step right up! Or how about intense 3D chess matches with the green-bloods? Or maybe drinking games with the red-bloods!
And think about all the new faces that’ll show up when the Civil War actually starts…
Why are looking at me to do all the entertaining? You can, too! Anyone have ideas, feel free to PM me and we can start up something cool.
I hope to be here for a long time :)
Hope to see you all somehow, sometime,  Hanh


Eridani Station

Dawnbreak - After a rogue agent that was a part of a secret project to create a device of fantastic destructive capabilities makes off with the parts and plans, it falls to the newly-assembled crew of Starbase 234 to retrieve them before their rivals do… Or even their allies realise.

IKS Koloth

I.K.S. Koloth

After a 2-year incarceration following a dispute with the Gorn, Captain Rheon has been reinstated to the IKS Koloth to investigate threats from the Typhon Pact. However, the Klingon Empire is becoming increasingly paranoid of the Khitomer Accords and their allegiance to the Federation.

Dozens of minor events begin to pile up until the High Council eventually has to make a decision: do they stay, or do they go? And who is behind all of these unsettling events? The IKS Koloth is designated to investigate the sudden turn within the Klingon Empire and to discover what or who is responsible.

Meanwhile, amidst his own crew, trouble arises when Rheon makes decisions that are unfavorable with some of the rest of the crew to continue aligning with the Federation despite increasing belief that the Typhon Pact is superior. Will they come to see what is really happening? Is the Typhon Pact responsible for the mysterious incidents that are swaying the Klingon Empire to side with them? …Eridani

USS Spartan

Sedition: As Spartan arrives at the remote and normally inaccessible world of qi’tOk, home of House qIls, they find themselves dealing with Klingon Force in occupation of the outer system attempting to circumvent the natural defensive qualities of the system and the artificial ones the qIls have trapped their system with.

Facing a system full of extreme gravitational shear, broken planetary debris and whirling storms of matter in seemingly random patterns in orbit of a neutron star, the Klingon Fleet appears not to be the full strength of the Klingon Empire but rather a few Houses attempting to lay siege. Their target, a lone planet in the golden zone of the system, just close enough o be habitable but too far to be comfortable. The world of qi’tOk is an icy Hell to Klingons, a planet that Efrosians and Andorians would find starkly beautiful and of course, House caIls.

Having purchased this remote and inaccessible system from the Empire for a steal over a century ago, the qIls had been terraforming it and building for nearly 150 years. And in that time, they had begun to sell technological developments to the Empire that they came up with while keeping the best for themselves. The net? Faster, better ships that could outrun, outmaneuver and out-fight similar vessels of the same class in the KDF and arguably, Starfleet.

There were, of course, rumors that they were engaged in a breeding program of some sort as well. But if you didn’t do business with them, they pretty much ignored you.

Spartan is here to make contact with the House to determine if this version of House qIls is like the one from their timeline, if a few decades younger.

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Captain Hanson Savard of the USS Javelin – A is hereby promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral (O-8) and assigned to Independence Fleet HQ as the Chief of Fleet Personnel and Recruitment. As the Chief of Fleet Personnel and Recruitment Rear Admiral Savard will be investigating new recruitment methods, providing a broad range of support to ships in the area of personnel and recruitment, and working with the rest of the Admiralty on maintaining personnel records and service information to better facilitate future service awards and milestone announcements.  Welcome aboard Rear Admiral Savard, good luck and God Speed in getting things going.

In addition to this, Captain Kerry Malone of the USS Avalon-C is hereby promoted to the rank of Commodore (O-7) and assigned to Task Force Charlie as the new Task Force Commander for Task Force Charlie. Commodore Malone’s primary responsibility will be overseeing operations in Task Force Charlie and assisting other captains in the that division as needed.  Welcome aboard Comm. Malone, we are sure that you will bring the best of changes to Task Force Charlie!

For meritorious service above and beyond the call of duty, on multiple occasions, I hereby promote Vice Admiral Joseph Carroll and Vice Admiral Landon Wakeland to the rank of Admiral.  These two gentleman have on multiple occasions demonstrated their ability to lead and have without any doubt contributed greatly to our fleet’s success over the past year.   Thank you gentleman, this fleet owes you a great debt of gratitude!

At the repeated request of several members of Independence Fleet, we have started a paypal donation button to the website. Donations will be used to cover the operating cost of our web hosting and to further improve upon those technological accommodations.  All donations will be handled through Admiral Wakeland’s paypal account, in case you notice the non-independence fleet e-mail address attached to it, this is perfectly normal. The paypal donate button can be accessed via our main website in the bottom right menu.  There is no obligation to donate to the fleet, as always this fleet will remain fee free, however any donations made will be greatly appreciated!

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Fleet Awards for May:

No ImageGenesis Post:

Tempered by Fire by Captain Shran dh’Klar



No Image

Best Post:

No Image

Semblance of a Passage by Captain Devys Argent
& Staff Warrant Officer Amethyst (Amy) Freeman


No Image

Funniest Post:

No ImageMeet the New Freighter Captain
by Moog & Apollo Auditore & Kevin Quinn




No ImageMost Valuable Player: Lt. Maryam Syed – USS Sunfire




No ImageMost Improved Player: MCPO Carol Dolton – USS Chirikov





No ImageRookie of the Month: Lt Charybdis – USS Bonaventure




  No Image  Most Posts: Jenna Ramthorne 31 – USS Sunfire D

No ImageRecruitment Award: Captain MayTa Mor’Tag’ – USS Chuck Norris

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Trans Warp Book Club

The book club is well into its next book, Star Trek Deep Space Nine – The Left Hand Of Destiny. The book after this one will be July 1 – Aug 4 DS9 The Left Hand of Destiny bk 2
You’re welcome to follow along or to join the conversation on the Facebook page. You can find all of our previous and future book listings at TransWarp

Everyone is welcome to join us, it does not matter what Fleet you play in, or if you play in one at all.

Vice Admiral Joseph Carroll
Independence Fleet Inspector General
TransWarpIDF Administrator

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Special Thanks

With the passing of Captain Mitchell this month we have pushed back the interview we had planned in order to give special thanks to you, each and every one of you who are a part of Independence Fleet and more importantly, to those that support our members. Those people who are behind the scenes, a husband, a wife, a boyfriend, a crazy uncle, that kid down the street who throws pebbles at your house because you never come out and the outside has fallen into haunted disarray. They all encourage us to want to write, to devote a part of our lives to bringing words to others and enriching their lives with a small untouchable intangible part of ourselves.
So thank you from the bottoms of our hearts and know that one day your words will be felt by the masses and one day, just maybe, that kid will get what’s coming to him. Rock, what rock?

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Independence Fleet is no ordinary place to have fellowship or post stories you think no one will ever care about. IDF is more like the ultimate choose your own adventure story where not only do you get to decide what words to use, but you get to decide who lives and who dies and what really lies down that road less traveled by.

This month has seen many new writers join us, as well as many who have left us by one means or another. I find if deeply sad to lose anyone from any ship, many of whom I have never met and am sorry to say have never read their stories. Maybe that is the part that irritates me the most, not having had the chance to peer into someone elses mind through the portal that is their words.

I encourage each of you to keep writing. Keep building that story, you never know who might be reading on the other end and who would ever miss you if you stopped.

Commodore Robert McHenry
Marketing Director

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