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Welcome to the
Independence Fleet Newsletter
for the month of April…

I am your host Fleet Admiral AJ Wheeler. The Fleet continues to accept new ships as we expand to record levels. This is your April edition as we begin to roll these out on a monthly basis once again. Things are happening so quick that we will be spending far more time trying to keep you all up to date. Remember as always if you have news to recommend for the newsletter simply e-mail us @

The Admiral’s PADD

 A secret look into the life of our CnC Fleet Admiral AJ Wheeler

Welcome to the Admiral’s Padd, I am of course your host, Fleet Admiral AJ Wheeler… But please, call me AJ. This is a new section of the newsletter that we are just rolling out this month, my intention is to use this section to discuss what is going on in the fleet, the projects we are working on, our goals, our progress, and a little bit of everything else. This section will be authored by either myself or Vice Admiral Wakeland. This month, I’m sorry to report that you got stuck with me, simply because Vice Admiral Wakeland is too busy trying to sell the fleet on ebay.  Track the sale in live time at .

Anyways, I wanted to touch on where we are today versus where we have been previously. The fleet is in an exceedingly good place right now, we have a diverse variety of sims covering a wide array of genres and timelines.  We have 27 sims spanning 5 Task Forces, with approximately 300 members fleetwide.  I’m pleased to report that, this is the largest the fleet has ever been, and based on current recruitment levels, we are trending to hit 30+ sims by the end of the year, with 400 members.  None of this would be possible without the excellent members that we have today. As we approach our 11th anniversary on July 4th of this year – I couldn’t be prouder of where we are and what we’ve accomplished… and all of that is because of YOU the members.

Last month our website had almost a quarter of a million hits, with 2500 unique visitors combing our pages… These results are directly related to the vast social media presence that our own Vice Admiral Wakeland has established. Every ship in the fleet has it’s own Facebook Page, the fleet has a presence on 20+ social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, TrekSpace, Tumblr, and many many more. Every mission post in the fleet is published to Facebook and Twitter, news items are pushed daily, recruitment ads are dispersed to keep people coming back and checking us out… As a result of our social media presence we’ve been able to leverage friendships and relationships with dozens of Star Trek and Science Fiction authors, actors and production staff.

Our fleet is truly shining as a result of this hard work, and ultimately as a result of the quality writings that are being generated here. Never before have we been in this kind of situation, where our exposure is so vast and far reaching. I encourage each of you to like us on Facebook and spread the word to all of your friends. Word of mouth advertising is truly the best form of advertisement we have!

In closing, I’d just like to take a moment to thank each and every member of our staff, and you the members for all of the hard work and dedication that you put into this fleet. Together, we have continued to foster a fun, enjoyable and drama free niche here on the net for Star Trek writers and enthusiasts around the world. I’m proud to be a part of this wonderful organization, and I hope that you are too!

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USS Avalon

Hope in the Darkness
The Breen, the Borg and Species 8472 have all returned…will the UFP survive this?
The Dominion War has been over for quite sometime now and the Federation and Starfleet have been rebuilding rapidly and expanding their influence back into the void. The newest Nebula-class starship to roll out of McKinley Station is the USS Avalon. She has undergone massive refits to aid her in her mission: to protect the Federation from the Borg at all costs. She is armed to the teeth and has the TIC formerly exclusive to the Akira-class. The USS Avalon is sitting in drydock at McKinley Station awaiting her crew to accompany her on her journey. Avalon has been assigned to deep space out past the Delta Quadrant boundaries to keep an eye out for Borg-related activities.
I am Commander Jan Arrah, Commanding Officer of the Avalon and I invite you to take a look around my ship and join, if you feel so inclined. All senior and junior officer positions are available so take a look and if you don’t find the position you desire simply email me and I will add it. The USS Avalon will be a character-driven ship with ample opportunity to develop your character. So have a look-see around, if you will. We are looking forward to hearing from and writing with you.


USS Archimedes

“Below the Surface” a new original USS Archimedes adventure will begin on May 1st, 2012.
“The Compound Cascade is a vast area of unexplored space perfect for any Starfleet explorer. With the unexplored comes the unknown but the USS Archimedes is up for anything that is thrown at her.
Narath is a small Class O planet that is completely covered in oceans. Deep below the surface lies a sprawling city known as Salac, home to the Narathians. For more than a millennia their society has been one that has thrived and prospered but now something has gone terribly wrong. Their oceans are dying and so are the Narathians. With very little hope, they reach out in hopes someone, somewhere will help them. However, things are not what they seem and the small water world is caught in the middle!

A distress call…
A underwater city…
A dying race…
A double cross…
All in a days work for the crew of the Archimedes!

Again – and I can’t say this enough – I want to thank you all for standing by the sim and keeping me and my family in your thoughts and prayers. It really means a lot to me and really I couldn’t ask for a better group of writers. You guys are all truly the best! With the Hearing Part II being completed, that officially ends the starbase shoreleave. The subplot as well, for the most part has ended though I do have some follow up jp’s that I want to write but they won’t be the main focus of a subplot.
Also, please welcome Robert who will be playing Kevin Quinn, the Archimedes chef. Can’t have an Intrepid class starship without a chef right :) Robert is just here part time as he is WAY busy helping our Commander in Chief run the fleet ;)
Again, thank you sooo much again for all that you do.
Questions, comments, or concerns please let me know.

Captain Noah Mitchell, PhD
Commanding Officer


USS Constellation

The USS Constellation is in orbit around a planet while it’s crew is going through strange nightmarish realities. The Captain and the Chief are on their way to the towering communications relay. What will happen to our valiant crew? Click here to find out now!


USS Patriot

The Breen are gone from the J’Larre system, monitoring buoys are in place just in case they decide to come back. The Patriot, hurt and limping rejoins with her saucer section and her family before setting a course for starbase 54. There, they will repair and take on new crew, and allow the departing members to leave in peace after a mission that frayed many nerves. From here the story goes wherever you want it to go. Join us now to find out what’s in store for the valiant crew of the USS Patriot.


USS Chirikov

Three Starfleet officers from the 24th century have found themselves in 19th century New England. Stealing clothes from steamer trunks on a train bound for Baltimore, MD, they begin seeking out their missing captain.
Back in the future, the search for the missing away team continues on the surface of Ultima Thule, despite the Chirikov’s chief engineer has landed in sickbay. Join now, and lend a hand!

Alamo Station

Alamo Station

The current mission for Alamo Station continues this month with the discovery of a new race of parasitic lifeforms known to the Dominion as the “Infestation”. Knowledge of this race was not disclosed to the Federation and the crew now face a difficult situation. Several deaths have occurred abord the station linked to this alien race. The search for the missing Bajoran Transport ship NODARR has resulted in the crash of a station runabout on a rogue plantetoid that appears to be a nesting ground for this new hostile race.

USS Nova

USS Nova

Esto es lo que sucedió en la USS Nova, éste mes:El Vice Almirante Surok, le dió un set de misiones al capitán, y el comandante Reginald Barkley reveló que era posible traspasar la barrera galáctica de una forma segura.INCREDIBLE!!!Luego de reunirse con sus oficiales principales, el capitán reveló que la misión contínua y principal de la nave era el explorar OTRAS galaxias, llegando asi A DONDE NINGUN HOMBRE HA LLEGADO ANTES!Viaje a las Estrellas: Nova. PROXIMAMENTE POR TELEMUNDO!

This is what happened on the USS Nova, this month: Vice Admiral Surok, gave a set of missions to the Captain, and Commander Reginald Barkley revealed that it was possible to cross the galactic barrier in a segura. INCREDIBLE! Then in the meeting with his principal officers, the captain found that the major and continuing mission of the ship was exploring other galaxies, going where no man has gone before! Star Trek: Nova.

USS Sunfire

USS Sunfire

Mission briefing- The USS Sunfire is sent to a planet ravaged by environmental distasters, pollution and badly built man made islands as well as civil unrest. Can the crew save the inhabitants before the planet self destructs.. or the civil unrest turns deadly? To complicate matters this planet has been visited by humans before in a direct violation of the Prime Directive, so now it falls to our vigilant crew to repair any damage caused by our own outside influence.


USS Challenger

I would like to join Fleet Admiral Wheeler and Captain Aranan Sesade in thanking Commander Torak Johnson for his first full year of service. He has been a great addition to the fleet and we look forward to many more years of his creative writing.

AJ and I want to let Donna (Lieutenant JG Cassandra Danvers of the USS Challenger)  and Peter ( Captain Kerry Malone of the USS Avalon) know that they are in our prayers.


USS Indomitable

The Second Officer Position and Chief Tactical Officer have come open.
Recruiting anyone would be a bonus. Star Trek Thematic Aliens preferred.
The more exotic the better!


USS Javelin

Attention crew of the USS Javelin. You now have a new Captain. I want to thank Michael (former Captain: Commander Cale Tura) for his service and wish him luck in his retirement from Independence Fleet while he pursues endeavors in the real world. Please join me in giving the new Captain: Captain Darvin Sato, a congratulatory Borg invasion… errr pat on the back. From all of us here at Independence Fleet, we wish you and the USS Javelin clear sailing ahead.


USS Malinche

Looking For Crew For A Simm In Need Of Crew, The Simm Has Been Operational For Almost And Close To A Year :
Many Positions Are Open And Ready To Filled With Those Individuals Who Seek A New Simm Home With A Dedicated Staff Ready And Able To Assist You. So Join Today, See You On the Malinche!

Liberty Belle

USS Liberty Belle

We have  finished our trial. the away team is close to getting into some major trouble and its only a matter of time before everything hits the fan. Join the fun


Eridani Station

Eridani Station: Dive deep into sea of conspiracies and cloak and dagger adventures in the only Starfleet Intelligence Outpost of IDF! We’re currently looking to fill several senior and junior positions. Try your chance in a Galaxy full of dark secrets and lies ready to be uncovered! Visit Eridani Station and join us!

Vice Admiral Landon Wakeland

Chief of Fleet Operations

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Interview with Danielle Raver

Danielle Raver

  by Robert McHenry

Danielle Raver grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota. When she was a girl, she and her older brother used to sit at their father’s table and create stories, competing to see who could write the most. Eventually that game evolved into fantasy fiction writing, and Brother, Betrayed was the result.
As she grew up, she continued to write. She spent her free time escaping into Miscia, her fantasy world. She says that her characters were “…a part of my life as my family and friends. I dream of scenes, and they haunt me until I can write them out.”
Danielle is a counselor and the mother of two baby boys. Besides writing, she loves drawing, reading the classics, studying foreign languages, and attempting to garden. She adores romantic paintings, classical and folk music, lasagna, and cheesecake, and she always makes a wish at 11:11. She lives in Alabama with her children and her husband, Jason.

Danielle has been writing for over 16 years. She has cooperated in author critique groups since 2009 including CreateSpace,, and Scribophile. She has a Master’s degree in education and has worked as a creative writing teacher. She is interested in well written and original fantasy, science fiction, or out-of-the-box literary fiction. She is also interested in nonfiction related to psychology or social issues.

To start I would like to say Mrs. Raver is a very kind individual to give up some of her valuable time in order to provide me and my fellow writers with some insight into her world, and into her life. Thank you.


To begin I have to ask this first. Do you like Startrek and if so who is your favorite character and why?


That is such a difficult question! I’ve always been a fan of Startrek. I’d have to say I have two favorites: Captain Kirk and Captain Picard – due to the loyalty they instill in their shipmates. I actually call my son “number one” – but it didn’t take long for my husband to figure out why.


Please tell us a little about yourself and your published works.


Fantasy has been a part of my life since I was little. My brother and I would act out scenes from the Dragonlance Series, Final Fantasy games, and G.I. Joes (haha). I started writing my first novel Flight Moon, which is still a work in progress, when I was ten. When I started college I decided to write Brother, Betrayed just to prove I could finish a novel. It isn’t a true prequel as it is its own story and all but one of the characters carry over to the next book. It does, however, set up the political environment for the coming books. The human kingdom becomes divided and the warring factions face off in Flight Moon.


Some people go through a process before writing while others are more organic, which way best suits you and why?


When I’m writing a scene I play it over and over in my head until I can find the right words to explain what I see. I used to write on a whim, but had to reign my ideas in a bit so the story story would actually get somewhere.


How do you deal with distractions that may potentially interfere with your writing process?


Hahahaha, I have two young boys – there’s no avoiding distractions to the writing process. However, I’ve found that lately I can only write in a notebook in another room because the internet and its plethora of information is too engaging.


Have you ever done collaborative works, and if so how do you handle working with someone else’s ideas while still balancing a good working relationship?


I tried it once with my brother and it was fun. I think for collaborative writing to work the two people would have to know each other pretty well in order to play off of each others’ strengths.


We all write for a variety of reasons, what reason(s) lead you to become a writer and what advice from your journey to be an author would you most like to pass on to others?


I write for the experience. The characters are as real to me as real life people I meet. I live their lives, I experience their dreams. My advice to authors is to not let the process or trying to get published impede you from your vision, and your true love for the craft.


What are your recommendations concerning getting published?


Every author needs to decide what his or her goal is. Do they want to become rich and famous through their works? Do they want to share their work with others – and if so on what scale? After this goal is set, aspire to reach the means that would allow them to meet it. Rich and famous? Traditional publisher. Lots of people read it? Vanity, independent, or very involved self-publishing. Just to share with friends and family? Still self publish, but don’t invest a lot of money into it.


What is the one most valuable lesson you’ve learned about writing and when in your writing career did you learn it?


I’d say the most valuable lesson I learned was to be flexible when accepting the criticism of others, but still hold on to your unique voice. You can’t please everyone, and there will always be something that beta readers or editors will think you need to change. Ask yourself, would it make my writing more clear to change it, or would the change sacrifice that which makes my writing special?

Danielle Raver is the first author I have met that involved her readers in her everyday life. She is constantly talking to us all on Facebook and Twitter. You can find her Book at Amazon.
Synopsis: Three princes receive a prophecy that all three of them will become kings, and the youngest brother Syah is pinpointed as the one that will betray the others. It’s set in a kingdom surrounded by barbarians, and borders the forbidden lands of the dwarves and elves.

Thanks to Commodore Robert McHenry for his hard work on this article.

- Vice Admiral Landon Wakeland -

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Star Trek Avalon comes into IDF

Previously independent simm Star Trek Avalon featuring yet another USS Avalon has come into IDF, under the command of Commander Jan Arrah, we welcome Captain Arrah and the crew of the Avalon to Independence Fleet, and look forward to the wonderful things they are sure to accomplish.


Announcing the launch of the new USS Proxima, a Motion Picture era sim set between Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. If you would like to join in the telling of a wonderful story from a historical yet still futuristic time period, click the link to get started today.

Starbase Valkyrie

Also previously independent sim Starbase Valkyrie is joining Independence Fleet this month under the command of Captain John Vail, we also welcome Captain Vail and his crew to Independence Fleet and look forward to the great things to come from them!

Director of Fleet Personnel and Recruitment

We are currently looking for a Director of Fleet Personnel and Recruitment, this person’s primary job responsibility will be to monitor all of the sims in the fleet for open positions, and actively advertise and recruit for those positions. This person will also be responsible for keeping some records up to date as it pertains to Personnel and ship needs.  If you are interested, or know someone that might be, please feel free to e-mail Fleet Admiral Wheeler.

Calling all Klingon Warriors!

Are you an honorable and worthy klingon warrior seeking a new home? The IKS Koloth is in need of you! If you feel drawn to the battle, and would like more information visit IKS Koloth or e-mail Commodore Morgan for more information.

Facebook / Twitter Contest!

Over the next 30 days, everyone who goes and likes our facebook page or follows us on Twitter will be entered into a drawing for a prize! So make sure that you like us and/or follow us on twitter. You can be entered once for liking us on FB and then once more for following us on Twitter, so make sure to hit both!  We really want to see as many people in the fleet following us on Facebook as possible!

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Fleet Awards

Most ‘Vile Villain’ Award goes to… Joseph Carroll for his portrayal of  Iago Don’John on the USS Constellation. Congratulations Joe, you are well hated.


Genesis Post: Captain Jim Rogers & Commander Wesley Chase of the USS Liberty for their post: Burning down the house.

Best Post: Lieutenant Alexander Bakura & Lieutenant JG Jeremy Ezio of the USS Archimedes for their post: A Counselor’s Counselor.

Funniest Post:  Lieutenant Jericho Vin of the USS Constellation for his joint post with Captain Ena Robi: In which the Chief and the Captain get plastered…

  Most Valuable Player: Lt. Jericho Vin of the USS Constellation:  He’s been completely invaluable. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better person to write with! Always down to do a joint post and armed with a quick witted humor. He’s definitely in a class of his own.

  Most Improved Player: Lieutenant Colonel Flynn Taggart Flynn of the USS Liberty-B stepped up and made some major character developments starting JP’s with the counselor and diving deeper into the story. His improvements have shown that he truly is a valuable member of the crew.

  Rookie of the Month: Crewman Aure of the USS Liberty Belle for her wide variety of fantastic NPCs, many well-written posts already under her belt, and her infectious enthusiasm.

  No Image  Most Posts: Commander Simorina ka’NiH-Fegad’ii (Fegad’ii) of the USS Liberty-B with 25 posts.


Genesis Post: Captain Dick Sprague of the USS Chuck Norris for his post: Two is Not Better than One 

Best Post:Lieutenant JG T’Sara & Lieutenant Tin Sel Granth & Lieutenant Commander Brul Unger of the USS Liberty Belle for their joint post: [ARMADA] Arbiter of a New Dawn

Funniest Post:   Mabel & Lieutenant Commander Larissa Canterbury M.D. & Lieutenant Ta’Suba M’Rowsh & Ensign Tal’dan Mieral & Petty Officer 1st Class Romy Elessayn Strayer for their joint post: Payback is a B*tch

   Most Valuable Player:  Crewman Second Class Aure of the USS Liberty Belle, played by Allisen, who has really gone above and beyond the call of duty in assisting me with all matters to do with not only the Liberty Belle, but also Task Force Omega, by agreeing to head up the IKS Koloth, and taking part in several of the timelines created the for the “Linearity” mission. She has plunged herself into several key characters across the ship, including scientist, yeoman, operations officer, engineering officer and marine, and I really could not imagine the Belle without her now. A find of pure gold!

No Image  Most Improved Player:  Carol Dolton played by Ayesha Kerr of the USS Chirikov. Ayesha initially found posting to be daunting, and applied to write for an non-com position. Her confidence and her posting are up, and she’s requesting a commission.

No Image  Rookie of the Month: Maj. Sean McKnight, of the USS Washington-B. Our Marine CO came aboard and set up a plan of attack to rescue the captain and others from what looked like a certain death.

  Most Posts:  Jenna Ramthorne of the USS Sunfire with 24 posts.

UME Recruitment: Ume of the USS Patriot.


Genesis Post:Lieutenant Commander Laria Jorel & Jenna Ramthorne of the USS Sunfire D for their joint post Waters of Coralee // GENESIS

Best Post:Lieutenant JG T’Sara & Lieutenant Commander Brul Unger & Lieutenant Tin Sel Granth of the USS Liberty Belle for their joint post: [ARMADA] The Strings of Authority

Funniest Post:  Ensign Maress’Kaan of the USS Challenger for his post: Wherein a Caitian is Befuddled

No Image  Most Valuable Player:  Commander Simorina ka’NiH-Fegad’ii (Fegad’ii) of the USS Liberty B. She has had some bumps along the way but she fell into XO perfectly emailing me weekly to make sure everything is going well and that there isnt anything needing to be done. she has pushed the story forward and told me when she was going to be gone for more than a day or two.

No Image  Most Improved Player:  Marine Captain MayTa Mor’Tag, Second Officer of the USS Chuck Norris. Not only did Mor’Tag increase his monthly posting total from 4 to 14, but his posts were more focused and he significantly contributed to both missions. Involving several other crewmembers, he also introduced several side plots that others picked up on.

No Image  Rookie of the Month: Derek Laughin, who plays Ensign Maress’Kaan on the USS Challenger. Since he joined, he hasn’t stopped amusing us and making the story move forward. This is something usually only seasoned players of the sim do, but I feel he deserves this one.

  Most Posts:  Jenna Ramthorne of the USS Sunfire D with 22 posts

  Recruitment: CLO Hoshia Nakamura of the USS Liberty Belle  for introducing Sarah to the sim.

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Trans Warp Book Club

For those who are not aware of it, Independence Fleet sponsors a Star Trek Book Club which can be found on facebook.
The book list for the year along with the rules and list of recent winners of several different prizes can be found at TransWarp Book Club
Should anyone have any questions about the Book Club can be directed to our esteemed Inspector General who hosts the club
We welcome all new readers to join us, read along and discuss the books as we go. Its never too late to join in!

Congratulations to Lynzie Austin who won an Autographed copy of Danielle Raver’s book Brother Betrayed which can be found at Amazon.
Thank you Lynzie for continuing to participate in the TransWarpIDF Book Club Sponsored by

Don’t be like this, join up today.

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Special Thanks

To start I want to thank Fleet Admiral AJ Wheeler for the opportunity to dish out a Newsletter the whole fleet can be proud of. Switching the format to WordPress was a stroke of genius and has granted us more power than ever before, and who doesn’t love more power?

Also I need to thank Vice Admiral Landon Wakeland for keeping us in contact with the outside world. This man pulls newsbits from ships who don’t regularly post to Facebook or other social media sites. Without these newsbits, no one would know these ships existed. He has a tough job monitoring 27+ ships and stations and making sure the news is relevant to each ship. Admiral Wakeland is also responsible for setting up the interviews you see here and in future Newsletters. If he had his way we would already have one lined up for each month through the end of the year.

Thank you to Danielle Raver who not only was a gem to work with during this interview, she also granted us a few hours of her time to chat with whoever wanted to learn more about her and her book.

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This month has been an awesome month filled with recruitment, new sims joining and winning personalities everywhere. Everyone here is a writer, a reader, a lover, a fighter or at least a fan of Startrek. We come together to produce fan fiction and hone our craft in a world that is turning away from written media in favor of the quick laugh that Youtube provides. And why, because we’re crazy, diluted or otherwise self absorbed… well yes and also because each of us is passionate about that which we have created. We build and sculpt like great painters and artists of the old days as we look to the future and dream of other worlds.

Whatever you passion, keep reading, keep writing and as always happy simming.


Commodore Robert McHenry

Marketing Director

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